By Christopher Thornhill, Age 8


By Linda Atnip
Illustrated By Ann Rothan
Remember when I had to talk to plants as an experiment? Well this book is about a little girl who talked to plants, AND THEY TALKED BACK!

Miranda didn't have many kids to play with, and I know what that feels like. So she started to talk to the plants in her garden. She wished they could talk back because she was so lonely. Well, a sunflower did start to talk to her. Then in her dreams an old lady came and talked to her. This lady gave her some magic seeds and told her to plant them. Well, when she woke up, the seeds were there in her hand. She planted the, and something wonderful happened. I won't tell you the rest, 'cause you'll find out when you read it, but Miranda wasn't lonely any more.

The people who sent me the book sent me a package of seeds. They said they were magic. The problem is, I planted them when it was 106 outside and the seeds didn't like it. I feel bad. I would like to have magic flowers. So be careful when you plant your seeds; flowers like the sun but seeds don't.

Published by Bluestar Publications, this beautifully illustrated book is available at your local bookstores. Hardcover, $19.95.


By Donna Seebo
Illustrated by Ed Gedrose
This is another book about dreams. And this one seems real, too. It's the kind of dream you want to have more than once. I would love to feel God kiss me.

One of the things I like best about this book are the pictures. I looked at each page for a long time. The man who drew them made the pictures look so real, that sometimes I think they are going to come to life. I think Mr. Gedrose must know these people to draw them so well.

This book is like a grandma story ‹ and I know what that's like! Only a grandma would know what a little boy would like to dream about.

Published by Mrs. Seebo's Classic Fables, this book is available by calling (800) 872-8852. Hardcover, $14.95.

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