"Ignite Your Life" workshop
By Robert Ross

Sponsored by the Life Fulfillment Foundation
Next workshop, October 20, 1997
San Diego, California
(619) 287-1186

"Fulfillment is the satisfaction a person feels when they live their values, align their life's work with their life's purpose and express their vision through their unique gifts."
                Marcia Collins, co-founder of the Life Fulfillment Foundation


What is "Ignite Your Life?"
The Ignite Your Life workshop encompasses one weekend (or a eight-week evening format) in which participants experience a new way of being or operating in life. This "new way of being" translates a life of struggle and effort into one of ease. In the workshop, participants will also clarify their core values, life purpose, unique gifts and vision.

The two truly unique components of the Ignite Your Life program are 1) that it's founded on spiritual principles, and 2) it's committed to implementing each participant's values, purpose and vision into his or her life.

One participant said "it is much easier, more fun and faster than any other method I have tried. And I, like many others, have tried so many. I am ready for easy,' and this it!"

According to Peter Reding, the co-founder of the Ignite Your Life program, "graduates of the Ignite Your Life program often see an acceleration in the means of communication, with greater access to information and greater exposure to more messages from the collective consciousness."

An easier and more fulfilling life?
Again, according to Reding, "every person is his own source and knows what is best for himself. It has been so long that any of us have had 100% support and encouragement to follow our own inner voices, most of us don't even know the voices are there anymore, let alone have the courage to give ourselves permission to follow them. Life gets easier when you we let go of trying to keep up with all the information, developments, products of the external world and experience unity with spirit. Once we are clear on our intention, on the essence of what we wish to create, then the right people, right opportunity, and right resources come to us."

Ignite Your Life is about applying practical spirituality to life now, and going within to the core values and unique gifts in each of us. As one graduate recently stated "before this class I couldn't have told you what my life purpose was and I certainly didn't have any idea about what fulfillment would look like. Now I am jazzed about life! I can tell you why I am here and it vibrates right from my very core when I speak it! And fulfillment, well I know how it feels in my body and I know how to easily include it in my day. The greatest thing is that I didn't have to fix' or change anything to have this experience. I just had to shift my focus to notice what was already there. When I got that I'm already giving this to myself, it's really easy to give myself more of it!"

For more information about the upcoming Ignite Your Life Program, call 1-888-262-2446 or (619) 287-1186.

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