The Home Depot Decides Not to Sell
Old-Growth Redwood

The nation's largest home-improvement chain, The Home Depot, decided it will no longer purchase or sell old-growth redwood lumber. Instead, the chain has informed its supplier, Louisiana Pacific, that it will take only lumber from second and third-growth forests. The Home Depot has 536 stores in the United States and Canada.

Rainforest Action Network members sent thousands of letters to Home Depot in response to the April Action Alert, Ancient Redwoods Under Attack in California, and urged the giant retail operation to pledge not to sell old-growth redwood lumber.

Since February, more than 400 building professionals have taken this pledge, including architects, contractors and landscapers. The Home Depot's announcement brings the total number of lumber yards across the country that now refuse to sell old-growth redwood lumber to more than one thousand.

The campaign to protect the ancient redwoods is based on the simple logic that timber companies will have no incentive to cut down ancient trees if consumers refuse to buy old-growth lumber. Most lumber taken from ancient redwood forests is used for luxury items such as decks, hot tubs, trim and decorative molding, and there are numerous alternatives for these applications already on the market.

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