Letter from the Publisher . . .


We have recently returned from the 1998 EarthFair in San Diego, where we had the opportunity to meet lots of our readers, writers and advertisers.  It was a gorgeous Sunday in Balboa Park and the EarthFair staff did a super job putting on another very successful Earth-Fair enjoyed by more than 60,000 environmentally-concerned individuals. Hats off to all of you and the many volunteers who worked throughout the park.

This issue features several articles on Relationships, and since everything we do in life is in relationship to something else - whether it be family, spouse, work, food, money or whatever - we hope you enjoy these and find them helpful.

Many of us are aware of the environmental challenges in South America, however we have recently been receiving numerous e-mails from countries as far away as Japan, India and Pakistan. In this issue you will find an extremely interesting article on some of the environmental challenges now facing Japan. Our hope is that you will respond to their "call for action.".

Also featured is the successful release of J.J., the abandoned gray baby whale, along with important information and updates on the Navy's LFAS Testing.  More in-depth information is available on our website, which is currently getting more than 1,000 hits every day!!!

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