By Christopher Thornhill, Age 9

By Joan Bourque
Author and Illustrator

Alyssa is going on vacation with her parents.  They are going to the seaside.  She starts to imagine all the things she'll see when she snorkels.  The author paints some pretty good pictures that show what Alyssa is seeing.

When she finally gets to the sea they see a large gray form off in the distance and swim over to it.  Staring back at them is a dolphin. After a few minutes he swims away and Alyssa follows him.  She watches him shovel sand at the bottom of the ocean with his nose and then gobble up the dinner he found.

As the story goes on Alyssa has many questions in her mind. And each time she thinks a question, the answer seems to come back to her.  Could the dolphin be communicating with her?  They do communicate you know.  It's called echolocation,   sound waves that travel.

Alyssa sees many things beneath the water.  The story gives some interesting facts and beautiful painted pictures. Get it so you'll start to know all about the sea.

There's a workbook that comes with the book. You're supposed to do it with an adult. My mom and grandma did it with me.  It helps you to think about the earth and to find out things you never thought about before. There's this thing called interconnectedness. That's a long word that means the same thing as circle of life from the Lion King.  When you look at life like that, you realize everything needs each other.  Even stuff like algae.

Some of the questions made me act silly. Like what animal would I like to be. But then it gets serious when you talk about what it is really like. And have you ever thought about the enemies of things. Even air has enemies.  It's called pollution.  And I guess that means people too.  We cause pollution and that can make us the enemy. I'm glad this book made me think.

Published by Curtis Books, this book is available by writing to: P.O. Box 1112, Cornville, AZ 86325 or by calling (800) 484-9681. 32 pages,  Hardcover $15.95, Workbook $3.95. 

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