Energetic Healing through Deep Love
By Dr. Robert T. Jaffe

At the School of Energy Mastery, we are interested in helping people
understand how healing and the deep love of God can be joined together to create health.

Shadhiliyya Sufism, a mystical approach to finding God through deep love, teaches us that, in the beginning there was nothing but God, and God was complete. However, in God's desire to be known, He formed all of creation. To humanity, God gave free will. God hoped we would use our will to expand and to know His eternal nature. Unfortunately, we have forgotten God's will and become immersed in our own desires and will. The outcome of this is that we have created disease, both within our bodies and collectively on our Earth.

Now, God asks us to return to Him, to release what is no longer needed, and to live within the deep Mercy and Love that God is.

The Shadhiliyya Sufi teachings have merged with the energetic teachings at the School of Energy Mastery to create an approach to healing which brings back the divinity and holiness in our life. Healing of the physical, emotional, and psychological selves occurs within this greater context of purity and love.

The Shadhiliyya Way is the way of deep love, which is aligned with the internal nature of God. The School of Energy Mastery is a way of consciousness. It has taught a deeply effective way of healing for almost ten years. As one of the nation's largest healing schools, we have created a system of healing which merges the intuitive and spiritual with the scientific and medical.

Traditional medical diagnosis is merged with an understanding of consciousness and energy. Disease is seen as a person's consciousness learning to understand itself. The soul seeking to experience life in form is blocked by the personality. The outcome of the blockage is disease. To bring the soul and personality back into alignment was the approach that developed.

Yet, in the past few years, I became aware that energy work, like all other things in life, could go astray. I discovered that, unless the energy work was aligned with the deep wisdom and love of God, it could bring people to states of consciousness that would lead them away from the deeper healings of their selves and souls. I realized that energy work was a highway of light that needed to bring people straight to a true relationship with God.

The teachings I found with Shadhiliyya Sufism completed this understanding for me. Healing, love, and consciousness have merged together, and a new teaching of healing has emerged. In this teaching, love is the context that holds all together. To be present in the deep love while healing or receiving healing is the central pillar of our approach. Love brought into consciousness and trust opens the blockages that create disease and returns us back to God. Love becomes the healing force that is God's will. The School of Energy Mastery, love, and the path of Shadhiliyya Sufism bring forth a new paradigm for healing, where healing and the realization of God occur through the deep love and holy will of God Himself.

We have moved the School of Energy Mastery to the Napa Valley in California, where we are establishing an energetic healing hospital and a Sufi community based on the teachings of love. For more information, please call (800) 238-3060

Dr. Robert T. Jaffe is a Medical Doctor, Homeopathic Physician, Clairvoyant, and the Head of the Shadhiliyya Sufi Path in North America. He established the School of Energy Mastery and conducts workshops worldwide on healing and the teachings of Love.

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