By Julianna Joyce Perkins

By Scott Peck

We long for it, dream of it, hope for it.  How many of us actually find
the love we deserve?  Scott Peck, an educator from San Diego, has found a way.  He shares his empowering information in this amazing book.

This is a book on giving and receiving love; of understanding and utilizing behavior traits that will strengthen relationships without manipulation. The keys teach how to be love while opening up to receive love. 

An important step is envisioning.  Peck gives a good argument for the power of concentrated thought.  He leads us on the path of cherishing each other as well as ourselves, then he enfolds us in a blanket of intimacy.  The result is an awakening to perfect love.  An attainable perfect love.

"The Love You Deserve" offers hope and help for those who desire to enter the world of love.  Spirituality is an important component of this way of life.  Peck states, "Spirituality is the central principle of our love lives whether we see it or not."

The steps are simple.  They are the core elements in the goodness of humanity. Embracing them will lead you to being embraced.

Scott also offers talks and workshops. For more information, contact: Lifepath Publishing, P.O. Box, Solana Beach, CA  92075 or call (619) 793-8200. Available in Paperback $13.95, 270 pages.

How Genes and Gender Influence our Relationships
By David P. Barash, Ph.D. and Judith Eve Lipton, M.D.

Most people agree, there is a difference between the sexes. Drs. Barash and Lipton explain in this eye-opening book what those differences are, how they came to be, and why they are important.  It provides the reader with insight into why those around them seem so infuriatingly and fascinatingly different.

Using biological and anthropological findings coupled with real life stories of individuals, the authors trace the multifaceted gender gap to the basic, defining difference between males and females. 

"Making Sense of Sex" has the objective of helping the reader understand themselves and their relationship in a new and more meaningful way.  As you read the stories that are layered with emotion, you'll empathize and sometimes laugh at the circumstance, while feeling that 'ah-ha' pang of recognition as you also identify with some of the situations.

In all our interactions with members of the opposite sex as well as with people of our own gender, our sexuality is part of our being.  Understanding our own traits, and those that exist in others will greatly enhance all our relationships.

Published by Island Press, this book is available at local bookstores in Hard Cover $24.95, 242 pages.

Lessons Learned on the Path of  Life
By Kenny and Julia Loggins

Kenny Loggins, winner of numerous gold and platinum albums, and his wife Julia, who is a professional health therapist, share with us their amazing modern-day love story.

We observe the healing nature of conscious love, through the eyes of two people who have traveled far to arrive at that state. Through intensely personal journals and love letters, lyrics and poetry, we see that their story is our story.  This is the true story of real people.  People who struggle, cry, argue, search, learn, laugh and love.  It shows by example that the love they both desired was more than possible. It gives us the confidence to know that we, too, can strive and succeed along the path of love.

To quote the book, Chapter 7:

"You hope 'n pray you'll find
a love to last all time
not until you know
the Art of Letting Go.
'N it may seem to be defying gravity
That's because they know the Art of Letting Go.

You can't go through it
without going through it
till it
goes through you.

If you desire an intimate glimpse into the lives of two people who have made it, then you won't be disappointed in "The Unimaginable Life".  The courage of these two people to share the depths of their relationship, as well as the depths of their being with us, proves their love for others.  Anyone who reads this book will be affected by the power of love.

Published by Avon Books, this book is available at local bookstores in Hardcover $24.00, 378 pages.

LIFE SKILLS By Virginia Williams, Ph.D. & Redford Williams, M.D.
Virginia Williams is a historian and author.  Her co-writer and husband is the famed Dr. Red Williams, director of behavioral research at Duke University Medical Center.  Red's years of research on the effect of emotions on health has led him and Virginia to develop and teach workshops. Their workshops on controlling hostility has benefitted thousands of lives and lead to the writing of their first book, "ANGER KILLS".

Many people took their workshops as a direct result of troubling relationships because the teachings showed how good relationships enhance health and well-being.  Again the many success stories of the participants led to the writing of this second book.

"LIFE SKILLS" identifies eight skills that are essential to the development of a healthy existence and a healthy relationship. Red has realized through his research that the same frequent health problems among persons with hostile personalities also afflict people with other personality traits. He wanted to find what determined the underlying biological mechanisms that heighten the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other life-threatening illnesses. This research will be on going. 

But one factor that he is confident in stating is that - regardless of past stresses and harsh environments, innate personality types, or behavioral inheritance- understanding yourself and others, as well as changing how you treat other people and how they treat you, can promote health and happiness.

The authors are certainly successful in presenting us with a book that is well written, informative, and practical in its application. The determined reader will find answers, insight and direction. Told with examples, guides, humor and common sense, the specifics are easy to follow and incorporate.

Published by Times Books, this book is available at local bookstores in Hard Cover $24.00, 344 pages.

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