By Kay Walburger


Will Corporate America Become
Self-Esteeming White Knights?
Jonathan Wygant's Quest Is To Educate Corporate America On
"How To Survive And Thrive In Ever Faster-Changing Paradigms"

"Mystic Crystal Revelations"
Jonathan Wygant, co-founder and President of Iris Arc Crystal from 1976 to 1996, received a profound and mystical education over this 20 year odyssey. He was interested in good and profitable business practices and never dreamed that the corporate paradigms that worked in the past would start to crumble before our eyes in this, the information age (which some call the Age of Aquarius.)

His successful and respected gift-ware company was preparing him to assist corporate America during this bewildering period of adjustment. Jonathan became a seasoned executive as he took the crystal giftware company from a start-up garage operation, through the exhilaration and success of rapid profitable growth, becoming an Inc. 500 company, then the pain and difficulty of downsizing.

For 20 years as the crystals cast rainbows around the room, they foretold of a time of ever-increasing enlightenment in our world. Iris is the Goddess of the Rainbow who is said to have brought messages from Zeus; she is an archetype for the business world today, reminds Jonathan. I believe the rainbow is a symbol for cooperation. You can see the different energies and intensity showing up as individual colors, yet side-by-side. I am convinced that America needs to feel and understand this power of partnership.

Jonathan knew in 1996 that selling his company would create a void in his life, yet he was not willing to rush into a new venture until he had taken the time to think it through and tap into his potential. Serendipity brought him to a workshop with Joan Bory-senko, Ph.D., author of Fire In The Soul. This was a turning point.

I received crystal clarity' during that event and learned to activate my inner coach. I would build my new enterprise by using the wisdom and creativity that I had developed during that last 20 years in the corporate world and help other businesses of today survive and thrive in this time of ever-faster-changing business paradigms.

Corporate Problems
Loom Large

Jonathan began to identify the corporate challenges that need to be addressed. Remember, he knows most of them first-hand, because for 20 years he's been there ‹ done that!

First, in an ever-changing world, corporations must prepare for the unknown with new inventions, new demands, faster information. Second, large corporations start to feel and look like dinosaurs as smaller streamlined businesses respond more quickly and take accounts away. Third, down-sizing created a nightmare for the employees who had given the best years of their lives in exchange for benefits and security, and were now let go. Fourth, the average worker feels cynicism and dissatisfaction and is always looking for better opportunities.

Fifth, the home-based business boom has put former employees in direct competition with companies for whom they used to work. Sixth, the workforce now available is extremely diverse ‹ women and minorities are sensitive to past corporate abuses. Seventh, the workforce is educated to the higher standards of living, rights and privileges, and can pick and choose better work environments for themselves and feel little sense of loyalty. Eighth, the community-at-large is in crisis and chaos and desperately needs relief from gangs, drugs, crime, child abuse, etc.

The list goes on and on, yet during 20 years of business, my employees taught me volumes about most of the aforementioned problems, reports Jonathan. Early on I realized we, that is, management and labor, are a team. Team players need to be informed and educated to the potential of the company for success. They need to be motivated and rewarded to create a winning team. Our company became instrumental in sponsoring personal growth seminars which paid off in self-esteeming empowered employees who were exceptional team players.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned was a few years back during a lull in business, recounts Jonathan, instead of letting 20% of our work-force go, we tried a daring experiment. We kept everyone on the payroll and on Fridays, we all showed up to do community service projects.

Amazing rewards came to us immediately. Our people were thrilled by the lives they touched and saw themselves and each other as partners in the larger picture. They developed a relaxed camaraderie that carried over to the everyday work week and each employee had been enriched by the experience of making a difference. The press came to interview our employees who said they had to pinch themselves to be working for such a great company. Our group became known as the Arc-Angels,' a title they wore with pride and dignity!

Consciousness Unlimited
Out of the darkness of the down-sizing era, Jonathan's new company, Consciousness Unlimited, has emerged to light the way for companies seeking a bright and bountiful future.

The answer is simple! declares Jonathan. Bottom line: companies find empowering employees is profitable! A new re-engineering needs to take place on the fundamental level of what our employees think, feel and believe about themselves, the work they do and the companies they work for. And at the same time, businesses must re-examine their corporate cultures and establish values that will foster their greatest resources: human, community and environmental to ensure the sustainability of their own future.

This company is a working model of a partnership paradigm. It is a one-stop resource for in-house training and development departments. It is able to provide the learning vehicles that ensure continuous, long-term positive change in the fabric of corporate culture and in financial performance.

"Consciousness Unlimited" offers a catalog of educational resources that will delight all the businesses, from small and medium to Fortune 500 corporations. Programs include such titles as Team-Building, Self-Esteem, Cultural and Gender Diversity, Motivation and Productivity, Leadership and Management, Ecological Integrity, Communication, etc.

Speakers include Jean Houston, Ph.D., Robert Tucker, James Wanless, Ph.D., Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D., Jack Canfield, Joan Borysenko, Bernard Siegel, MD., Barbara Marx Hubbard, Warren Farrell, Wayne Dyer, Ph.D., Mark Victor Hansen, The Adizes Institute, Andony Lizardy, Jean Gatz, and more.

Jonathan Wygant wants to bring King Arthur's White Knights (archetypes) forward to todays world to create a Camelot type of future. He is very inspired by the big picture as he just returned from the Presidents Summit On Volunteerism. Corporate America, here is your call to White Knighthood! Just as Knights of King Arthurs Round Table went about the land righting wrongs, your business, by creating positive partnerships with valued employees, can impact your own success, your employees success, your community, your environment and the world by example and the ripple effect.

For information, or to receive an educational resource catalog, contact: Jonathan Wygant at Consciousness Unlimited: 3079 Calle Pinon, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 or call (805) 569-0654, Fax (805) 569-9826 ,  or E-mail: 

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