Fire Strikes at Reverse Speech Offices!
By Robert Ross

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In April of this year, two fires occurred at the Reverse Speech offices. The first of the fires on April 3, gutted the place. Subsequently, investigations were conducted by the fire department and a private investigator, hired by Reverse Speech. Because of the unusual circumstances which surrounded the fire, arson was considered a distinct possibility.

In the November/December 1996 issue of Awareness Magazine, "Reverse Speech" was featured in the San Diego Healthy Living section. The article not only generated interest among the readers but also intrigued this writer enough to want to learn more and consequently another article was written for the January/February 1997 issue of Awareness Magazine.

To recap the two articles, David Oates, founder of Reverse Speech, began researching the concept of reverse speech in 1984. At the time he was trying to disprove the idea that there are messages in rock and roll songs when played backwards. What he eventually came to discover was that hidden in the sounds of human speech exists a separate covert form of communication that can only be heard if human speech is recorded and played backwards.

By 1987, after extensive full-time research, he had verified that not only did backward phrases exist in music, but they also occurred in all forms of human speech. Mr. Oates stated that, "If human speech is recorded and played backwards, once every five or ten seconds, very clear and precise English phrases can be heard mixed in the normal gibberish of reversed audio."

As a hypnotherapist, Mr. Oates uses Reverse Speech daily with his clients and finds that a one half- hour tape recording will usually give the precise reason and cause of any person's behavior.

On to The Fire
The April 3 fire came at time when David Oates, the founder of Reverse Speech was beginning to hit his stride, and perhaps that "stride" was becoming a threat to those with something to hide. He caught the public's eye by finding "reversals" on O.J. Simpson, indicating his guilt and a "reversal" in the JonBenet Ramsey case.

David Oates also has been featured on the Larry King Show, the Art Bell radio program, the Peter Weissbach show, Hard Copy and Discover Magazine. David Oates was, and is, gaining national attention.

Not everyone was happy with these findings or the publicity, and due to the suspicious events surrounding the fire, a case is being made for arson. Those suspicious events include everything from neighbors viewing persons carrying jugs of clear liquid near the house on the day of the fire, to unknown vehicles on the property, also on the day of the fire. The circumstances of the fire are currently under investigation. Stay tuned . . .

If you would like to learn more about this fascinating area of work, there is a new book on Reverse Speech,) entitled Reverse Speech, by David John Oates. For more information on courses, books and audio tapes, please call (760) 732-3097 or visit the Reverse Speech Web site at  

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