By Jesse Anson Dawn



Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
Jesse Anson Dawn, age 53, author of the national award-winning book, Never "Old", speaks out about a most stirring subject: how and why we age.

Presently answering the Question: "What do you see as the commercial 'downside' to what you call the 'rejuvenation revolution? "

Dear Reader, It has dawned on me that with the ever-increasing urge to feel younger, better, healthier, comes a slew of questionable products designed to push people down what I call the Chemicals R' Us avenue, an approach which I try to steer clear of . . . Yes, I can still remember when there were merely "germs" to contend with, and not the "new germ term" boogie men that pharmaceutical labs now politicize as "free radicals" ‹ this cleverly coined stigma-name used to downplay any methods "freely radical" enough to be alternatives to pharmacology's hit parade of pricey pills, many of them with hidden side-effects nasty enough to be diseases in themselves.

Another down-side of the chemical approach to rejuvenating is pharmaceutical's silicone sister ‹ the "implant" business. Sure, it's a chancy ordeal, but so what, says the multitude wanting young looking or just plain bigger breasts badly enough to get silicone gel "implanted" into their bosoms. But for many, the implants become implosive, leaking gel into unimagined parts of the body ‹ silicone tumors just everywhere -so much leaking silicone that its overflow keeps surgeons and implant makers shelling out tens of millions in court-ordered damages.

A lot less dangerous perhaps, but just as ravenous for the rejuvenation dollar, comes the furious flurry of face "fixes" -the cascade of "collagen" injections, "chemical peels" or stinging "sandings". Or how can we forget the less punishing but largely futile flood of pharmacy "facials", the myriad of "moisturizers", "exfoliates", "alpha-hydroxies", etc. -wave upon wave of surface-skimming stuff that shows little or no evidence of making any change in the ongoing process, a process which can only be substantially transformed from the INSIDE OUT. And by "inside" I mean via THE Control Tower of it all which, as people can discover by learning and living creationary mindpower, is in the MIND -beginning in the mind and manifested primarily by your mind.

But even as surface methods prove much less effective than mind-over-body techniques, the doctor/chemical firm partnership now buys mountains of hype to ward off the triumph of a psychological approach. Drug corporations even use "public relations" teams to inundate both doctors and the media with highly questionable so-called "anti-aging" drugs.

Especially difficult to surrender is the "plastic" surgery empire, now that so many will pay the expanding bills to go under the knife. Moreover, what was once mainly a feminine market now has almost as many men trying it, with medical stats claiming that some 9.5 BILLION dollars a year is spent worldwide on cosmetic surgery, and that's only what's spent by men!

OK, so the skin stretch/lift/nip/tuck and stitch market is booming, BUT even after spending thousands of dollars for what usually turns into a whole series of expensive operations, most cosmetic surgery inductees feel slighted by the minimal results of the ordeal, finding their looks or "age" barely changed. And they soon see the need for yet another "lift". This is because skin stretched by surgery becomes rapidly wrinkled again as it is weakened and aged from the stretching, just as a rubber band weakens when stretched. (Notice how forehead skin, although quite taut, usually reveals more and deeper lines than less taut cheek skin). .

And so there's a futility in stretching. Yes, many is the actress or actor who, even after undergoing several of the most expensive cosmetic operations, still experiences that post-makeup letdown of seeing that same old, wrinkled, bluesy face return. Ah yes, the Anti-Aging Blues, so widespread that I even wrote a blues poem with that title, and a piece of it goes like this:.

Woe-de-woo, what to do, what to do for the anti-aging blues?
Will it swallow my riches, just to stretch my face with stitches?
Will it take so many tucks and nips, I'll start to blink my lips?
Nah, better is what really works, not just side-effects and quirks,
Beyond gimmicks for the well-to-do, and onto ways to really renew,
Beyond sinking in seas of "too late", onto ways to really rejuvenate.

And to anyone stuck sinking with anti-aging or medical bill blues, I say, "Ahoy there! -come ashore to self-empowerment! Yes, living and learning mindpower healing is the truly working way to beat the doldrums of decay. And that, dear reader, is a fact.

For the whole "anti-aging" story, Jesse Dawn's 258-page book, Never "Old" (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and winner of the National Association of Independent Publishers Award for Content) can be quickly received by charge card. Simply call World Changing Books at their toll-free number 1 (800) RENEW-22 (736-3922) or send a check for $11.95 (includes book, 1st class postage and handling) made out to World Changing Books and sent to them at P.O. Box 5491, Hilo, HI 96720.

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