Darby Davis


I recently returned from a short, but very relaxing trip to Mexico. Organized by Dollhume Synergy from Prescott, Arizona, a group of 23 individuals from all across the country gathered in Cabo San Lucas to begin an incredible adventure.

An energy-filled group from various backgrounds - psychologist, teacher, nurse, student, therapist, marine biologist, mapmaker, AIDS activist, ex-nun and many more, from 19 to 67 years young.

We had all come together for one reason . . . to enjoy the ocean and its awesome sea life. And that we did! We spent four glorious days traveling to various locations in the Sea of Cortez, snorkeling in clear, green waters along the coastline while observing a multitude of colorful fish. And then there were the sea lions, hundreds of pelicans, a sperm whale, a marlin, and yes . . . the dolphins - they put on quite a show for us!

It was a great time - and quite interesting to discover how involved the Mexican people have become in saving the oceans. An article with photographs from our trip will be featured in the next issue of Awareness.

This morning I heard the very sad news of the passing of Jacques Cousteau in Paris. His Exploration and documentaries have brought an awareness to our planet only made possible through the dedication of this very special man. Though his work will likely continue, he will surely be missed.

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