Minor Adjustments . . . Major Difference
By Jenny Liu

I pulled up along the hillside and turned my tires so they rested against the curb. As I walked toward Pam's apartment, I noticed that the land sloped up on my left and descended on my right. The early morning sun coming from the east warmed my right side. I walked up a shaded flight of stairs on the west side and arrived at Pam's apartment. Pam opened the door and welcomed me inside. My feng shui compass (luo pan) confirmed that her apartment building was oriented on a north-south axis in relation to the street and her unit faced west.

I asked Pam to give me a tour of her place. As she took me through her small one-bedroom apartment, she explained that she worked as an executive secretary. Since the end of last year, she had not been able to hold a steady job and since the beginning of the year, she had been unemployed. She is a single woman who is very much on her own. Unless she gets a job soon, she will run out of funds and dislikes the idea of moving in with friends or family.

Pam has lived here for more than eight years. She lives a quiet life by herself. She is very intuitive and meditates often. Her energy is steady and focused. I can tell by the books on her shelf that she is well-read and highly intelligent. Her health is good and her aura is pinkish blue, but not very shiny. Her joblessness has put weight on her well-being.

I sketched her floorplan and began my analysis. Pam was born in the 1948 year of the rat and her frequency is "gen" This means her energy flows in a western direction pattern; her strongest orientations are west, southwest, northwest and northeast.

According to her floorplan, every room and function is located in the right place. Pam's main entry opens to the west which lets in positive frequencies. The space on either side of the door is open and balanced; the living room is in the northwest and the dining room is in the southwest. Her bedroom is located in the northeast. She spends most of her time in these strong areas. The negative energies of the bathroom and kitchen are located in the negative areas of the apartment as well. They are respectively in the east and southeast areas. It is very rare for the floorplan to match a person so well. She admits she has been reluctant to leave because, although her life is lonely at times, it has been very harmonious here. She asked if her feng shui were good, why was she jobless?

I explained to Pam that there are more than 30 factors influencing our well-being. The feng shui of the building is only one of them. Although the unit has a good floorplan, the apartment building itself is oriented in an opposing frequency to hers. This lowers her potential. The site sloping up on the right as I faced the building shows that the feminine side is stronger. Men tend not to fair well here. She smiled and told me she never had a positive relationship with men here. Also, because her apartment is west-facing, the front of her apartment receives very little sunlight or "yang" to balance the "yin" energies. Finally, her bed oriented on a north-south axis which conflicts with her. In 1996 this was especially true for those born in the year of the rat.

Furthermore, being a rat during a rat year tends to bring trouble for rat persons. It is likely that they will have an unstable year where things look good in the beginning but have poor or short-term results. However, as the year comes to a close, things will gradually improve. So whether she had good or bad feng shui, this aspect will influence her well-being.

Nonetheless, I explained that energies do change annually and there are some adjustments she needed to make every year to make positive frequencies active. Using the Nine Star Chart that indicates annual planetary cycles and their effect on her home's energy, I recommended that she move her bed to face west. She should also convert her dining area in the southwest to a work area. Put yellow sunflowers here or cover the table with a white or yellow cloth to stimulate the earth frequencies for prosperity. At the entry area, she should try to let in more western light by opening the door or windows and put yellow flowers at the door.

Pam meditates on the north side of her living room that does not let her absorb positive frequencies. Pam should meditate in her bedroom on her bed facing west. Synchronized with her positive frequencies, this allows her to better reach her full potential. I gave her several mantras that will protect and strengthen her. As I finished her report, she told me she had someone "feng shui" her apartment almost two years ago. However, they had only walked around and told her to put up certain colors in certain places. She had not realized the complexity of all the factors involved until my consultation.

The next week, Pam called and I could hear the smile on her face as she told me that she immediately made the minor adjustments and did her meditations as I had suggested. Two days later she received a phone call from a large company that interviewed her and offered her a job.

I congratulate Pam. Because her feng shui is fairly good, if she knows how to fine-tune it to her own energies as well as the annual cycles, her frequencies become focused and everything falls into place. Minor adjustments can make a big difference.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 5,000 year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Awarded for her Master's Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is a fourth generation practitioner with her own consulting firm.

For more information, please see her Website at http://www.liu-fengshui.com  or for the library of her articles http://www.spiritweb.org\Spirit\feng-shui.html . If you have questions, you can also reach her at (818) 282-8536.

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