Drumming In Year 2000
A Global Event

Folks who haven't yet made plans for New Year's Eve 1999 may be interested to learn of a global party to which they are all invited. To affirm their visualization for the coming millennium, people in cities and towns around the world will drum together in unison for the final hours of 1999. As they drum, an affirmation of their collective vision for the future will be read in every major language of the world. The event contributes to the United Nations "International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples."

Organized by the All One Tribe (c) Foundation of Taos, New Mexico, in collaboration with other global-community networking organizations worldwide, the event will be covered by satellite and broadcast live. People in centralized locations in major cities will be able to see their earth neighbors in other countries joining in this collective, energetic, wordless prayer for world peace. People in these locations will drum in shifts to coincide with the midnight hour as it arrives in time zones around the world.

The event's organizers recognize that the western calendar marks time differently from the timekeeping of other world cultures. They nevertheless agree upon the dawning of the millennium as a significant moment for global prayer.

The organization of this event will take place at a grassroots level with local groups and individuals organizing in their cities and towns. Much of the preliminary communication will take place through the internet with "SoulZone" acting as clearing house for initial queries.

The All One Tribe (c) Foundation produces an annual Drumming Festival, donating half its profits to indigenous world causes. Half of future profits will support the Tarahumara Indians of Northern Mexico, legendary as long-distance runners, whose survival has been threatened by a severe and long-term drought.

For more information on the All One Tribe (c) Drumming Festival, call (800) 442-DRUM or E-mail

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