The Incredible Edible “Anti-Aging” Miracle
By Joyce Johnson, Ph.D., Nutrition



For many years, medical doctors have known that DNA and RNA repair our cells, eliminate toxic by-products and help the body’s many systems perform more efficiently. But just as with many vitamins, the body relies on outside sources for adequate amounts of these nucleic acids.

In our modern society, there are many elements invading our health such as water and air pollution, diet, stress, and lifestyle. There are many chemical dangers that we are either not aware of, or we do not take the time to think about. For instance, pesticides, sulfur or tar-based food additives, preservatives, dyes and hormones in foods, parasites and fungi, chemically-laden paints and solvents, insecticides, aerosols, metals, lead, mercury, cosmetics, hair dyes, deodorants, first and second-hand tobacco smoke, corrosives from air conditioning units; the list is endless! These toxins can be a potent source of free radicals, which in turn may accelerate aging and disease. Free radicals have been an eye-catching subject for the past few years. Medically speaking, a free radical is a molecule that has an unpaired electron, which makes the molecule much more chemically reactive than it normally should be.

Free radicals are thought to be the cause of many of the difficulties that we all experience with the aging process. These are some of the “toxins” produced in our bodies from our own metabolism. As we age, our metabolism becomes more inefficient and our tissues begin to produce more and more free radicals, which in turn damage our tissues, causing further inefficiencies and more and more free radicals to form. Thus, aging is a downward spiral of increasing metabolic inefficiencies coupled with ever-increasing amounts of self-destructive toxic substances.

Detoxifying is essential for optimal health. When toxins are in our liver, brain and other organs of the body, we age faster and have less health and vitality. Getting rid of toxins with a powerful detoxifier such as chlorella will help us live longer. To rid your body of these toxins and help prevent the free radicals, you must first detoxify the system, then maintain it by cleaning it for years to come. Chlorella is considered to be nature’s most powerful detoxifying, health-giving, and energizing cell replenisher!

Chlorella is a fresh water single-celled green algae that is grown at the equator, to capture the nourishing goodness of the strongest solar energy on earth. Chlorella has survived over 2.5 billion years due to its unique outer cell wall, and its ability to rejuvenate itself into four new cells every 17-20 hours. It is grown and nurtured in the purest and freshest mineral water, drawn from local Indonesian mountain springs and is free from toxins and contaminants. Chlorella contains the highest concentrations of life-giving chlorophyll than any known plant (five times as much as spirulina and 10 times as much as alfalfa). Chlorophyll has been hailed as the most powerful detoxifying and purifying agent in nature. Chlorella is also super-concentrated with vitamins, minerals, protein, dietary fiber, beta-carotene, nucleic acids (RNA and DNA ? long-life factors,) and amino acids. Because chlorella is a pure whole food, these nutrients are in the exact form, balance and structure that nature intended.

Besides detoxifying your body, chlorella helps you age-proof your body because it contains the richest source of age-fighting RNA and DNA found in any food. As you may know, RNA and DNA are the building blocks of life. DNA is a chemical blueprint for new cells and sends out RNA molecules like a team of well-trained workers, which make it possible for your cells to reproduce themselves. RNA and DNA are the key nutritional factors for longevity, allowing you to stay young, healthy and vibrant!

In addition to improving the inner workings of your body, RNA and DNA have been shown to have considerable beauty benefits. As we age, both the quality and quantity of RNA and DNA diminish. Cell construction suffers, cells become vulnerable to all sorts of problems, and you look and feel older than your years. This is why you must replenish your body’s supply of RNA and DNA. As you fuel your body with these nucleic acids, you may find your skin will look younger, your energy levels will soar to where they were years ago, and the compliments will come your way!

Extensive research has found that if given optimal growing conditions, chlorella has the capability of having as much as 10% ribonucleic acid (RNA) and 3% deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), and may be the richest source of nucleic acids of ANY other known food source. The recommended daily serving of chlorella ? 3 grams provides seventeen times the amount of DNA and RNA found in sardines, a food considered rich in these nucleic acids.

However, the nutritional benefits of chlorella do not stop there. Chlorella’s magic lies deep inside its cellular core in a nucleotide-peptide complex (not found in any other vitamin, mineral or herb), known as the Chlorella Growth Factor, or CGF. Chlorella Growth Factor is an incredibly powerful substance that has been used in the treatment of many illnesses. CGF contains a variety of unique substances such as nucleic acids, amino acids, peptides, vitamins and polysaccharides that provide what your body needs to build new, strong and healthy cells. The amazing CGF promotes the production of proteins, enzymes, and ATP (energy molecule.)

Due to all of its unique properties, CGF has been shown to stimulate the immune system, accelerate healing, repair and maintain healthy tissues, increase energy levels, and revitalize and fortify the entire body at the cellular level! It also provides anti-oxidants, beta-carotene, and polysaccharides (beta-glucan). The polysaccharides in chlorella stimulate the production of interferon, the “fuel” your body’s immune system needs to work at full capacity. The vital life factors provide materials for cellular repair and revitalization, contributing to rapid healing, escalated energy, longevity, and a more youthful appearance.

Chlorella has a very strong outer cell wall that prevents it from being adequately digested in its natural state. In order to improve that digestibility, chlorella manufacturers use various techniques to break down the cell wall. Sun Chlorella Corp. in Japan was the first company to develop a cell wall pulverization technique, which physically breaks down the rigid walls of the chlorella cell.

Although there are many chlorella products on the market today, it is “only” after the exclusive patented process utilizing the DYNO-Mill™ that the chlorella cell can be sufficiently digested by humans. With this process, there are no heats or chemicals used that can damage its precious contents, assuring optimum assimilation and digestion of powerful nutrients inside.

What a great way to take care of your mind, body and spirit. Along with eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, maintaining a positive attitude and committing yourself to some form of exercise, chlorella is the perfect addition to defying the aging process! With its superior nucleic acid content, detoxifying and immunological benefits, chlorella is the key to keep your body revitalized and rejuvenated both inside and out!

You can find chlorella in tablet, granule or liquid form in most natural health food stores. PLUS, now for a limited time you can try Sun Chlorella absolutely Free by calling (800) 936-5588 or go online at . You have nothing to lose and good health to regain.  

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