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By Lyda Whiting



Written by Thomas and Peter Weck, Illustrated by Len DiSalvo

Bully Bean liked to tease the other beans. He especially liked to be mean to Lima Bear. One day, Bully Bean followed Lima Bear into a cave. Lima Bear climbed up a rock wall as fast as he could, with Bully Bean right behind. The rocks stayed still for little Lima Bear. But when Bully Bean scrambled up the wall, one of the big rocks came loose and fell on him. What should Lima Bear do, now that his nemesis was trapped?

This story describes bullying without being too frightening for young children, and reading this book together can spark a discussion on what to do when it happens. Children will recognize themselves in little Lima Bear, and cheer his solution to the problem.

For ages 4-8.

Published by Lima Bear Press LLC, this book is available at your local bookstore.




Written by Ylleya Fields, Illustrated by Michael LaDuca

Princess Cupcake Jones doesn’t want to wear velvet and lace. She only wants to wear a tutu. Finding bugs in the garden, cartwheeling through the palace, riding her pony, painting a picture, she wears her tutu all the time. But Mommy won’t let her wear it to bed. One morning, Cupcake can’t find her tutu. Was it stolen? Or was it lost like a lot of Cupcake’s favorite things? Where did they all go?

Cupcake searches the palace and finds that it is better to keep her things organized so she can enjoy them, and of course, wear her tutu every day.

This fun African-American heroine is refreshing. Girls will love the adventurous Cupcake. Be warned, they may also insist on a tutu and a tiara. After all, they are all princesses too.

Recommended for ages 3-8.

Published by Belle Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore.



Written by Ayn Cates Sullivan, Ph.D., Illustrated by Belle Crow duCray

One day, Sarah announces to her mother that her true name is Sparkle, and that she is a being of light and color. When she is sad because people have forgotten their true natures, her mother tells her the story of a fairy named Kachina. Kachina loved to help the leaves unfurl and the flowers blossom. She heads out of the forest on an adventure, and encounters Joseph, a sad man who has lost touch with the spirits of nature. Kachina helps a beautiful rose blossom into a gift that helps Joseph and his wife remember their connection to the earth and all living things.

The story is unusual and joyful, and the illustrations charming and unique. This enchanting book will be a treasured favorite for children and adults.

Highly recommended for ages 2-8.

Published by Highpoint Life, this book is available at your local bookstore.




Written by Lucianne DeLong, Illustrated by Dan Paul Ungureanu and Andrew Williams

Possum Squat is a little backwoods town filled with good-natured folk who enjoy gardening, gossiping, and being together. Money is scarce, but the Zerkel brothers are willing to trade the goods in their rolling store for just about anything, even fishing worms. But when the Huckabee triplets give them rat snakes instead of worms, the commotion was enough to bring out the whole town.

This author grew up in the deep South, and shares her very unique chilhood experiences through the silly antics of her animal characters.

When reading this book out loud, you can’t help smiling as you get into the spirit of this tall tale. Children will giggle at the Southern words, like crawdads and taters, and at the funny inhabitants of this friendly country town. Fun for everyone.

For ages 4-8.

Published by Krull Stone Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore.