September October Awareness Magazine - Randy Gage, overcoming roadblocks to wealth. Karen McCall - Developing A healthy Relationship with Money

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Voices of Hope

by Audrey Hope



An opened Stargate,
It’s Sirius!
Special bright star aligned in today’s sky,
Shining potent sun energy,
Foretold, to shift the ages.

Blazing a new law of abundance:
I do not pull towards me with a law of attraction,
Instead I radiate outwards from my center source,
And flood the world with light.
And those who can share it with me will find me.

Finally the world makes sense.
Invisible balance sheets
That figures the real price of things-
Getting and having,
Does not the winner make!

A different bank weighs the gold:
To heal the soul,
To overcome this place,
To be a gem.

The test of riches —
What have you become through all the days of your life?
Can you simply thank the morn for coming?
Does your rhythm go day by day?
And sing — I have enough.
I am enough.

The serious manifestation code —
I am the true expression of my soul,
My desires gleam out from the divine,
I know my value to share the lamp,
And the return is deserved peace.

Audrey Hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Visit: Her CD, The High Voltage Hope System, is now available on