September October Awareness Magazine - Randy Gage, overcoming roadblocks to wealth. Karen McCall - Developing A healthy Relationship with Money

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Book Reviews

by Sonia Stoddard


By Napoleon Hill

Originally published in 1948 and out of print for decades, the publisher is reintroducing this treasure chest of secrets, a vivid account of a 1908 interview by author Hill and legendary American industrialist Andrew Carnegie.

The application of certain fundamental principles ensures success to everyone who makes use of them. The theories, and the entire law which consists of seventeen principals of success, gleaned from interviews with the wealthiest men of the time, are set forth here in their entirety.

We start by defining our purpose in practical terms, i.e. when do we want to retire and how much money will we need. Carnegie states that a sound philosophy of individual achievement must present a clear understanding of the principles that bring success, as well as those that lead to failure. We go on to hear discussions about developing an attractive personality and how to eradicate negative mental attitude as a starting point.

Every man gravitates where he belongs in life, much like water seeking its own level. Organizing your endeavors, nourishing creative vision and maintaining self-discipline are all included here.

The latter part of the book goes into detail with subjects such as learning from one’s past experiences and defeats, to budgeting our time and money and maintaining and nurturing our health and spirit. Finally, Carnegie reminds us that free enterprise is the source of our success, but it is also the product of time and evolution. Achieving perfection is through trial and error, and it is entirely what we choose to make of it.

Published by Tarcher/Penguin, this book is available at your local bookstore or at

Reach Your Full Potential & Make the Money You Need
By Nancy Anderson

With all of our baby-boomers nearing midlife, the timing is certainly good for this guidance through the process of recognition and realization, then assessment, progress and fine-tuning, to guide us into happiness and profitability, despite the current downtrodden economic condition of the world around us.

Finding your niche in midlife is akin to solving a mystery. The author, who has cofounded two career counseling firms and hosts her own radio show, places her focus on identifying and realizing our passions — finding clues about our passion path — then working to achieve success and money, doing something you will master and thrive with.

Transition into a second stage of life takes courage and persistence and here we are given the tools to overcome primary obstacles, nurture personal and professional relationships, avoid negative criticism and self-doubt, then clearly define and recognize objectives and opportunities.

Now that we’ve taken control of our personal assets, both spiritual and practical, we find our perfect niche, and re-write our personal story to find the ideal career and life goals. The end result is that we learn to live and function wholly and whole-istically and savor success on our own terms.

Published by New World Library, this book is available at your local bookstore or at

The Secret to Solving All Problems
By Joe Vitale

Are you thriving or just surviving? What would you dare to do if you could not lose? Getting the motivation necessary to change your life often starts with a bonafide program that teaches us how to start. The missing secret to success is identifying and clearing the pre-existing, negative beliefs you already hold in your life. Letting go of fear is the first step to finding the door to awaken ourselves and achieving our desired goals.

Fears can be turned into catalysts for success. This book provides the program and the inspiration for finding and achieving goals by first finding out what it means to be awakened and its importance to seeing new perspectives on life, money and the power of self.

The author, a marketing consultant, combining spirituality into his acumen, and also a contributor in the film The Secret, starts off with his own story, struggling from a life that literally crumbled around him. Vitale then discusses four stages of transformation, starting with our unconscious storehouse and victimization, gaining empowerment from this realization, surrendering to it, then finally awakening. He combines his experience in a thoughtfully-worded and inspiring life-script so the reader can stop surrendering to fear and move on to the next level of awakening.

Published by John Wiley & Sons, this book is available at your local bookstore or at

8 Tools to Choose Your Thoughts for Prosperity, Productivity and Peace
By Erika Oliver

As humans, we have a tendency to make hundreds of assumptions to fill our minds, based on our experiences, without all the facts. While some of these are helpful, many of them are negative and serve to hinder and paralyze us instead.

In eight easy steps, this book shows us how to unleash the power of positive assumptions, so we stop wasting our energy on the wrong things.

Author Erika Oliver is a positive communication expert and a self-avowed recovering pessimist, so you will immediately see that she has been inundated by the same negativities she talks about, and the book is a continuous learning process for her as well.

Oliver starts off by reminding us about the nature of negative assumptions and how easy they are to identify and reverse. Negative assumptions are merely challenges to overcome. And, hiding from outside negative elements is not a solution.

Here, we find a detailed way to deal with everyday stresses. We replace them with positive actions and affirmations. In the process, we creative more time, happiness, joy and positivity, which has a tendency in and of itself to gain momentum and pass on to others around us.

There is nothing tremendously new here, except for the upbeat clear directions and honest approach to practical solutions within our daily lives.

Published by Affirmative Publishing, this book is available at your local bookstore or at

Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul
By Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD

In this book, the author hopes to re-introduce us to the Blessed Mother, and once again open the door to her, by illustrating the viewpoint that all souls will be accepted; all of us are worthy of being comforted and protected, even if we have lost touch or foolishly believe we are unworthy.

Even though, throughout the ages, our ancestors have lived through the unspeakable and unbearable, there is forever a golden field alive and flourishing to feed the soul of all who live there. If we can imagine ourselves as plants in fields tended by the Blessed Mother, the giver of life, we will benefit from her life-force.

Estes, an internationally-recognized scholar, poet, diplomate senior Jungian psychoanalyst and cantadora, approaches the Blessed Mother with a fresh perspective, from a personal point of view as opposed to a theological. While she does include much background and history from old world Europe to the present, she points to the ironies of religion, conquest and domination by certain groups.

She also goes on to explain the archetype of a holy woman who is a mother, who is found through all cultures and known by many names, yet always displays the same fierce compassion for her children, no matter how it is translated.

Filled with stories, prayers and images, from ancient through modern times, we are allowed to once again experience the joy and love through “Her” re-inspired devotion.

Published by Sounds True, this book is available at your local bookstore or at