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The Richness of Fall Equinox

by Rev. Dr. Patricia Gallet


As Mother Nature shifts and changes it is rational to assume we, as humans living upon her, would benefit by making adjustments. Autumn equinox is a midpoint, a daily opportunity to review and rebalance personal spiritual practices. A time to prepare for what winter may bring; be it cooler weather, hectic holidays or ongoing everyday stresses.

Being outside and exposing your eyes, (the windows of your soul) during the first 15 minutes of sunrise and 15 minutes prior to sunset, has a direct effect on your physical, biological body (especially beneficial for fibromyalgia ailments).

Ancient Mystery schools, and some of modern day, teach that witnessing the green flash (dramatized in the movie, “ Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”) in the moment when the sun sets on the horizon has an alchemical effect on the body allowing it to absorb and metabolize all nutrients within for maximum nutritional benefit.

As natural light dims earlier quiet, still, and peaceful about lighting a candle (which attracts Spirit) and allowing the gentle warmth and glow, devoid of electricity, to fill and rejuvenate your spirit.

Consider partaking in the timeless practice of lighting a flame, giving voice to prayer, be it a religious one or something whispered from your heart, and allowing the smoke to carry your words into the Infinite ether. Beeswax candles have long been used upon Catholic altars and are natural ionic air purifiers. When burned for a minimum of two consecutive hours these candles assist in creating a cleaner, more sacred space.

Dinner bells are a practical ritual, used to break up stagnant energy and set a vibrating “tone” for coming together at a meal. How magical, to take food that was grown or walked upon Mother Earth into your body every day and have it become a part of YOU. Transforming edible ingredients into nutrients to build physical, mental and etheric bodies. Now imagine boosting that alchemical process even further by blessing the food as you cook, or prepare to eat it. Can you feel a difference? Does it bring you closer to your inner being?

There are ancient practices that can assist even in times of shifting and realigning. Take 15 minutes daily to breathe deeply, to consciously let go, surrender to nonjudgmental love and relax into “being.” Feeling connected and safe is your birthright. In honoring your body and the seasons upon earth you have the means to meld with the Divine.

Time, as we have known it, has accelerated. Many are remembering that we are infinite and that time can no longer hold us captive. Each of us have blood ties back throughout existence and now remember the power of who we truly are and what we are capable of as individuals when we connect.

Consider acknowledging that the wheel of life is turning in your personal world, and find a way to welcome, embrace and celebrate each new milestone in this ever-changing and vast new landscape. Claim and enjoy your rich, abundant blessings in this Autumn Equinox.

Rev. Dr. Patricia Gallet, a continuing student of mystery schools, is an ordained minister with doctorates in Metaphysics and Divinity. She has explored ancient sites on four continents and is a first-born daughter of the thirteenth child in a bloodline of psychics.