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You Can Create An Exceptional Life
Conversations with Louise Hay & Cheryl Richardson

by Donna Strong


You Can Create An Exceptional Life chronicles the creative collaboration of two elegant and effective mavens of the New Thought movement, Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. An engaging and down-to-earth book on making a fulfilling life, it is rich with inspiration and can-do moxie. The synergy of these two wise women is a good part of its great appeal.

Written in the conversational style of two best friends sharing, it is sprinkled with stories of personal moments and epiphanies. This book is an enjoyable and easy-to-understand offering of affirmations and anecdotes to apply in daily life.

The piece below is a selection of questions and answers from a recent Hay House interview roundtable with Louise and Cheryl.

Q: Louise, one of the things you really stress in the book is that how we begin each day sets the tone for our lives. Would you go a little deeper into this?

Louise: Well, you know how we begin our day is the way we live our day and the way we live our life. Not enough of us are aware of this, so the first question that I ask people is, what do you say when you first wake up in the morning?
I have learned over the years that the best thing that I can do is say, ‘Good morning darling, I love you — you’re going to have a really great day today.’ This sets the tone of joy, just looking forward to the day. I think that’s a very important time to do it.

Q: I’d like to ask Cheryl a question. I recognized in reading the book the passion that you both have for helping people really improve their quality of life and I wanted to ask, what do you most want the reader to get from this book?

Cheryl: The first thing that comes to mind is to experience emotionally the inspiring side of Louise that I got to experience during our time together. You know Louise has written really terrific books that talk about her life and in this book I feel like both of us had a chance to go to an even deeper level and share some of the intimate details of our own lives, how we go about thinking good thoughts and taking consistent daily actions that allow us to create an exceptional life. We’ve mapped out a plan for incorporating the changes that we’re talking about and I’m hoping that people feel inspired and moved to actually do something with it.

Louise: I just got back from Australia where I was in Sydney and Melbourne at the I Can Do It! Conferences. At each one I spoke about the book. I call it ‘conversations with Cheryl and Louise.’ I said, you know you need to get a cup of tea and sit down and join the conversation so we can show you how life can be better and easier. The enthusiasm was just great!

Q: You briefly mentioned the quality of magnetism in the book, and I wanted to ask you both about any particular comments you have about developing it.

Louise: Well I think we all have magnetism, but you know it’s like with affirmations, we think, oh, we have to do an affirmation, but every thought we think and every word we speak is an affirmation about our life. It’s the same with magnetism, it’s a natural process, but what are we magnetizing towards our self? What we are giving out?

If we give out thoughts of complaining and grouchiness, then we’ll find more to complain about. If we can love who we are — I say ‘life loves me’ over and over to myself during the day — then I magnetize to myself experiences that prove that it’s true.

Cheryl: I included magnetism as the last bullet of the Lessons Learned because I knew it would be the most memorable one. It was one of the things that stood out as a thread throughout our conversations. Even if we weren’t talking about the book, something would happen and Louise would say, ‘Life loves me and it brings me exactly what I need.’ I kept hearing that and it was exciting for me to see how much Louise was incorporating it into her life.

It’s one of the helpful outcomes from having worked with Louise and having lived with this for the past year. I now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that when I focus my thoughts in a positive direction and pay attention to the doors that open, I will absolutely draw what I need to myself.

Q: Louise, one of the things I noticed is that you always have this sense of trust. Was it something innate in you, because you have a sense of allowing and accepting throughout your life like you were born with it?

Louise: No I wasn’t born with it. I had a really rotten childhood and I survived it. After I got out of that, I could survive anything. Life got me out of that situation and life has been taking care of me one way or another, ever since. The more I trust life, the more extraordinary things happen.

Cheryl: Sometimes I think if we’re faced with difficult life circumstances, we’ll get on the bandwagon quicker. The times when I’ve been really challenged in my life have really forced me to reach out to a power greater than myself and I look for that support. The more evidence you get, the more you believe it.

Having spent as much time as I have with Louise, I’m inspired by the trust that she has. And yet there are times where something difficult is going on, or I’m really frightened and I find myself questioning that trust, or forgetting to have faith.

It’s then that I might pick up the phone and call Louise and she’ll remind me, or I’ll call another dear friend that is on the same journey. When we can’t find the faith, hopefully we can find a friend, and when we find a friend then we’re reminded that we’re never alone.

Louise: But you know I do the same thing, something happens and I go ‘oh my goodness,’ but then I catch myself as soon as possible and start soothing myself. I don’t try to do anything about the situation. I soothe myself. I say, ‘All is well, it’s okay, it’s going to work out.’ I soothe myself. That way I can bring more positive energy into the situation. Then I let life take over and fix it.

Cheryl: Don’t you feel like we have been doing that even more since we’ve been working on this book?

Louise: Oh, absolutely. We remind each other constantly—stay on the pathway. You know, we all get off the pathway; it’s just a matter of how fast you can get back on.

Cheryl: Amen sister!

Donna Strong is a writer and author of Coming Home to Calm. For more, visit:

You Can Create an Exceptional Life will be available in mid-September. For more on these two exceptional women, visit:, and