September October Awareness Magazine - Randy Gage, overcoming roadblocks to wealth. Karen McCall - Developing A healthy Relationship with Money

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Money Does Grow on Trees
It’s just paper after all

Article and Art by Samantha Rosen


Money is literally paper and we all know paper comes from trees.

When I drive down the street and see thousands of leaves on the trees, I often visualize them as $100 notes and imagine myself picking them off the tree. And as soon as I pick them, more grow back instantly in their place.

It helps to expand my consciousness and shows me how much money there really is in the world and that there is plenty for everyone. Have you ever noticed that in wealthier neighborhoods the trees are much bigger and there are a lot more of them? I do not think this is a coincidence.

Money really does grow on trees. If we believe that money comes to us from all different sources and through different people, we will be much more open to receiving it unexpectedly.

For many years I thought the only money I would get is from my job, my weekly pay check. I had been taught that you have to earn money, meaning you have to do something in order to get something. You are paid for the hours you put in. I now understand this is not true. It is all a big illusion. Just because society has set up this system does not mean it is the only way to receive money.

Once I started believing that money could come from anywhere, I started finding it all over the place. Many times I would find coins or notes on the ground, or money would show up at just the right time. We think our supply of money comes from specific people but our true financial safety net is as big as the universe and therefore our money can come from anywhere.

If we are in financial stress our logical brain keeps trying to figure out how we could possibly get more money. We do sums over and over in our head trying to figure out how we can “make ends meet.” We take jobs we dislike, just for the money. What we need to understand is that to receive money, we don’t have to act out of fear that there isn’t enough. We must come from a place of inspiration, do something you feel “called” to do. Once you are living your truth and giving your gifts, money will literally flood into your bank accounts, you won’t be able to make it stop!

I think one of the reasons actors, musicians and sports stars exist, is to show us that you can have so much fun doing what you love and receive lots of money for it. Actors often say ”I love what I do so much, I would do it for free.” How many office workers would say that?

I believe you don’t have to work hard. Just be joyful in what you do, love it, be consistent and money will “magically” appear.

Honor your true self. What is it that you enjoy? What makes your heart sing? Finding your passion sounds easy, but for some it can take years. Nevertheless, you must keep looking for it, and when you find it you will realize that there is so much money in this world, as many leaves as there are on the trees.

Samantha can be contacted at