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The Mystical in the Cubicle
Stressful Times Call for Spiritual Measures
Layoffs... Downsizing... Restructuring.

By Dawn M. Staszak


We have all been affected in one way or another by the economy — either you have been laid off or you have a loved one, relative, or friend who has lost his or her job. In times like these, abundance and prosperity seem like faraway goals that “other people” have and you wish you could have “someday.” I say, why wait?

Facts are facts, but they don’t have to be your facts. Be smart and perform your due diligence, if you must, by working overtime (if you are still employed), updating your resume, and tightening your budget. After you have done all of that, let it be. Know that you have done your part, and have faith that all will work out. Don’t let your fear overcome you.

When the outer world is hitting you from all sides, it’s time to go within. This is easier said than done, of course. Practices such as meditation, journaling, exercise, and listening to relaxing music are all well and good, but if you’re like me, when you get extremely wound up it is very hard to make time to do these things. This is why I had to trick myself!

I discovered a few ways to “sneak” spirituality into my work day, because that is where I spend the majority of my time, and that is where I have the most stress. This way, I am taking small, manageable steps to enhance my well-being at the times when I feel the most out of control.

Although you may be carrying the burden of a skeleton crew or maybe left wondering, “Are the layoffs really over — or, am I next?’” this is an opportunity to put some ideas into practice that will sustain you through the tough time and provide a solid foundation for when times are good again.

The following are a few simple ways to manage your stress level at work by “touching base” with your spiritual nature and helping you re-center and re-focus.

This is an easy way to do affirmations! This is positive self-talk. Make your password something like “iamprosperous2” or “thankugod” so each time you have to log in, you are forced to say something good to yourself and put a smile on your face!

Take Your Lunches
You can use this time to read inspirational/self-help books, do some journaling, meditate in your car, or go for a walk. Better yet, take advantage of sunny days and do these things outside on a bench or corporate patio, if available. Don’t worry what your co-workers will think of you sitting there alone. In fact, face away from the building. This is healthy for all the reasons taking breaks are, and simply because we all need time to ourselves to recharge our batteries and find our balance.

Using Software
One tip that has helped me remember things throughout my work day is to use my Outlook Tasks feature. I put private “appointments” on my calendar for myself (marking the time as “free”) with reminders to relax, breathe deeply, stretch, massage my shoulders, drink water, do an affirmation, etc. You can do this on your phone, your PDA/Blackberry, or any other kind of technical device you have with a scheduling feature.

This has proven invaluable for me because it is automatic and I can start or stop it whenever I like. I schedule my appointments, then I don’t have to think about it again until I see the reminder pop up on my screen! I will continue to do this until it becomes automatic for me. Stretching at my desk, getting up for more water, and taking deep breaths have kept me healthy and balanced so that I am doing my job to the best of my ability. Be creative with your reminders and have fun with it!

Your Second Home
Keep special items on your desk such as framed pictures of loved ones, a quartz paperweight, or postcards of beautiful landscapes and nature scenes hanging on your walls to center yourself and remind you of your path. However, don’t keep too much so as to be obnoxious or flashy about it (for example something that extends beyond your cube space).

For audio ambiance, listen to gentle, relaxing music, if you’re allowed to do so. Wearing headphones (if feasible) is a nice way to enjoy your music without disturbing anyone.

For a daily lift, get a desk calendar with inspirational quotes. You can even share them with visitors, if they are interested, or set it in a place that passersby or visitors can easily see. In fact, you can put an inspirational quote on your screen saver to be shared with onlookers when you’re away from your desk. These steps can be easily worked into your day without taking any extra time or effort. You can be creative with these suggestions, and come up with a few of your own. The point is to get to your center by any means available. For me, that means easy and quick.

You can’t change outside circumstances, but you can change what you’re feeling inside by getting in touch with your spirit. Abundance is a frame of mind, and prosperity is more than the size of your pocketbook. Just one step can make a difference, so try it today!

Dawn M. Staszak has worked in commercial and non-profit, large and small companies, both as a permanent and temporary employee for over twenty years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Sales and Marketing).

Excerpted from A Guru in the Office: 50 Ways to Remember Your Spirit in the Corporate World, by Dawn M. Staszak, Reality Is Books, June, 2009, available at,,, and through most retail bookstores. Dawn can be contacted via her website, through her publisher at (866) 534-3366, or email