By Kay Walburger

Living University Graduate,
Carol Faulkner Swim,
Becomes A Corporate Mystic
“Bringing spirituality to the work place is the newest quest of corporate America”

Enthusiastic Carol Swim has discovered a new spiritual path for her life. She will be taking “Tools For Conscious Living” to corporate american businesses using a “Learning Model” called “Whole-Body Learning”TM that produces measurable and practical results.  Carol is a Charter Faculty Member and Certified Facilitator of The Foundation for 21st Century Leadership’s LIVING UNIVERSITY and The Quantum Coaching System”TM, developed by Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks (Internationally-known authors of more than 20 books, including “At The Speed of Life”, “Conscious Loving”, “The Ten Second Miracle” and “The Corporate Mystic”.

What are tools for conscious living? 
“To lead a successful and productive life in the twenty-first century, we all need to master a body of information that enables us to respond creatively to rapidly-changing forces around us. This widespread unmet need will generate massive new services and prosperity opportunities for those who can enable themselves, others and organizations to meet the challenges of the new millennium.  The Core Concepts of  this work are the following:

Deep Inner Well-being: Self-esteem The Art of Loving Yourself and Expressing Your Creativity — Mastery of self-esteem skills enables you to evoke a flow of organic well-being inside yourself, releasing your creativity.

Thriving Relationships: Conscious Relationships— The Art of Being Yourself in Harmony with Others — Mastery of conscious relationship skills enables you to feel a flow of loving connection with loved ones and co-workers and re-establish blocked flows.

Creative Innovation: Lifepath Visioning — The Art of Manifesting Your Chosen Goals — Mastering of Lifepath visioning skills enables you to envision and bring into reality the desires of your heart, whether in the realms of relationships, material abundance or well-being”.

How to Learn These Core Concepts
You cannot learn these core-conscious living skills by using intellect alone; you learn these skills only by experiencing them in your cells. When you learn with your whole body, you move beyond unconscious resistances, tap new sources of powerful creative energy, and bring all parts of your body/mind/spirit into congruency.  Where cognitive learning may assist you in ‘reading’ about how to use relaxation training, “Whole-body Learning”TM includes both feeling and thinking — and provides you with a powerful effective tool for conscious living.

This innovative and comprehensive learning model seemed tailor- made for Carol.  She had spent many successful years as a sales executive in high technology and process re-engineering in corporate America.  She had made a transition into the human potential movement, and then into the mystical path of Shamanism and other healing arts.  Carol felt a calling to return to the corporate world and bring her new knowledge in a way that was not too “woo-woo” for the work place. “As soon as I saw the book titled “The Corporate Mystic” by Dr. Gay Hendricks, I knew I had to read it.  In the midst of reading it, I understood my next step was to contact him and get involved with his work.  He had an important element I needed; he knew how to language spiritual truth in words acceptable in the work place. The rest is history because I managed to finally track down his organization and enroll for about eight months of training that is still enhancing my personal and professional life in amazing ways,” reports Carol.

“Our training began with us (60 people) going through the entire program as participants, doing all the exercises ,and feeling and experiencing everything for the first time.  Next, we received training in how to facilitate it.  My life continues to shift as I embody more of what I learned each day.”

“Becoming emotionally literate is part of the program and I was surprised at how much I didn’t understand.  Now I am able to follow the map my body gives me and to know what to pay attention to next. It makes life much easier.”

“So much was covered in this training, however, the most important discovery for me was the truth about my “Unconscious Commitments”.  My unconscious commitments kept me blocked from the very things I desired most in my life.  Example: I wanted wonderful, personal and intimate relationships, but I always seemed to get into petty arguments, which related to power struggles and sabotaged my efforts to established loving and lasting relationships. My own unconscious commitment had developed from watching my parents interact in this negative pattern. It was my early model and it had become my pattern because of my unawareness. What shows up in our life is what we are committed to consciously or unconsciously.  What a shock to realize how this pattern kept cycling in my life.”

“I had always wanted deep meaningful and harmonious relationships without defensive behavior, and now I have tools to help me clear those old patterns.”

“This really works for me because it’s not a “fix-you-model”, where someone has to be the authority and then use “therapy” to fix you from some “one-size-fits-all” outside model that has an uneasy fit to your personality. I love how everyone learns to use the tools for themselves and begins to release more of their personal creativity. They take these tools with them wherever they go, to call upon as needed in daily situations.  They live more by design than default and this fun model returns the joy of living whether at work or play.  Speaking of play, they “Play To Win”, but better yet they “Play To Play”!  Gay Hendricks teaches us to provide an environment where people ask Big Questions. The answers they receive from their own intuition result in an optimum quality of life. Dr. Hend-ricks’ favorite quotation is from a book written 2,000 years ago by a man who was a slave, yet displayed such wisdom that he taught and influenced an emperor and wise thinkers throughout time.  His name is Epictetus and his famous book, entitled “The Art of Living” says “happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle — some things are within our control and some things are not.”

For more information or to register, call Carol Faulkner Swim, CEO & President of Strategic Dynamics, Inc. Carol is also co-founder and Director for The Circle of Life Foundation, 1100 Irvine Blvd. Suite 18, Tustin, CA 92780. Phone (714)-516-1410 or Fax (714) 516-1412.

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