By Paula Hamilton



Since this current issue is devoted to workplace and money issues, I thought I would comment on the subject of some of our lesser brothers and sisters, in the vast national economic pyramid.

Recently, I read an interesting editorial by retired lawyer, former judge and syndicated columnist, Lionel Waxman.  In it he debates the merits of a law being pondered in California, that would allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses for the purpose of insuring their vehicles.  Waxman raises obvious points regarding this law, namely that insurance is a moot point because they are not supposed to be driving, and in fact, are not supposed to be here in the first place.  His basic opinion on this is that it’s ridiculous, but he then goes on to complain about the general state of the Immigration Department in this country, and their failure to take illegal immigration seriously. He ends his editorial with the comment that illegal immigration cannot be stopped, and thus is the real cause of the failure of the Immigration Department. 

This started me thinking about what we as a nation, and individuals, tolerate and what we do not tolerate.  Now I distinctly remember illegal immigration being addressed previously, when the law requiring employers to obtain proof of citizenship was implemented.  I have to submit a drivers license and social security card for every job I apply for, don’t you? 

Well, where then are all these illegal aliens working? Three guesses or less will tell you they are either picking the fruits and vegetables we eat daily; are tending to the households and children of other people in this country who are “legal”; or are slaving away in some sweat shop sewing the latest trend in clothing. My guess would be their “employers” know perfectly well they are illegal aliens and use it to their every advantage. 

My guess would also be that if “we” did crack down heavily on illegal immigration we would hear the greed-driven rally cry of “We must raise prices, because now we have to actually pay someone a living wage to do this work.” (Sound familiar?)  My guess would also be the border patrol is kept intentionally inadequate for such an event to take place, and that illegal immigration is not only tolerated, but promoted in the most hypocritical of ways.  Sure, we can pay a pittance for the work they do, and take advantage of their labor; we can also absolve ourselves of the responsibility to provide decent housing, med-ical care, education for their children and a pension simply by saying, “Well, you are not supposed to be here anyway.”  Yet, if they get into a car accident with us, well, let’s make sure we can sue for damages to our car and person. Is this not the epitome of evil?

America, wake up. Let’s stop this game of  legalized slavery. If nothing else, let’s establish a system of a “work pass” program that allows for migrant workers, domestic servants and others to be able to work here legally, without fear or blackmail from their benefactor “employers”. Let’s share more of the pie than the crumbs they are thrown, and let’s stop pretending slavery has been abolished. Then at the turn of the new millennium we can truly say “We the People”.

Think about it. But, remember it’s just my onion pi.

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