Joyfulness Is A Guidance System!
By Debbie Briggs, M.S.


Can you imagine the Universe as a living, sparkling tapestry with each stitch playing its unique part in the “grand design”? Can you imagine that you are one of those stitches, unique in your part of the overall pattern? Can you imagine you are so important that without your participation, the gift you have to give doesn’t get expressed? That thought is mindboggling. Imagine life without electricity, the automobile, nintendo — well, maybe some things might actually make the evenings more peaceful. However, remember the last time you got a much-needed hug. Now imagine if it hadn’t happened. Yes, life would have gone on, but some of the richness, and potential healing would have been missing.

When you stand back and look at a picture from a much bigger perspective it is easy to notice that some aspects pull your attention more readily. Many people feel their contribution is not important unless they are the red rose in the center of the picture. But, when we study art, we begin to learn that red is far more beautiful when surrounded by green leaves. And that the rose is more dynamic when the artist adds depth with a shadow behind it. Can you imagine how realistic a portrait would look if the artist didn’t even put in “so small a mark” as the pupil of the eye. Big or small, dramatically or quietly, each of us has something that is needed in this world. Yet many people don’t understand their importance, or worse, they long to express a part of themselves but stay locked in the box of their own fears.

What if the Universe were so abundant in its love and resources for each of us, that It would open the doors to success when we tuned into our “Divine Life Purpose”. Wouldn’t you be curious about your “purpose” here on earth? How do you know when you are tuned in? I smile as I write this because in 23 years of counseling in private practice, the most beautiful sight has been watching someone “come alive” when they begin talking about some idea, activity or service they would really enjoy doing. They truly begin to sparkle. This is a wonderful spiritual secret. You are actually guided to what you are suppose to be doing, and where you are needed by the feeling of satisfaction, joyfulness and/or a deep knowing that this is right for you. And you have important information within that will help guide you to that fulfillment!

Sometimes waking up to the need for that exploration takes on a funny story. Many years ago I found myself consistently late for work because my alarm clock wasn’t working well. I would awake late and find the clock several hours off. Since it was an electric clock, I was somewhat confused because nothing else in the house showed any signs of an electrical outage. But thinking the clock was broken I went out and purchased a new one. Guess what? The new clock had the same problem as the old one! Now I was really confused, but since I had a long history of sleep walking I decided to move the alarm clock to a position that would require a chair to reach it. Sure enough, that night I woke myself up fumbling around trying to reach the clock. Thankfully I “woke up” to the fact that my unconscious had something important to say before I had too many consequences to deal with.

I can’t tell you how many clients have come to me suffering from physical and emotional problems because their bodies were trying to tell them they needed to move on or to do something different. I love to think of enthusiasm as a type of creativity, or a form of spiritual energy. The transition we are being invited to make is to move away from the fears and confusion that keep us in jobs we have long since outgrown, or that we do just because it offers an illusion of financial security; and further, to move into new activities that bring us great satisfaction and enjoyment.

Gratefully, there is a much easier way to explore your feelings and “tune in” to new ideas about your work life than to buy new alarm clocks! After finding out the wealth of information available through the intuitive nature of the unconscious, I began using art-journaling techniques. All you need is paper, and markers or crayons. Please let me say that this is not about drawing like a commercial artist. In fact, since the “right brain” uses symbols and colors, the drawings might look more like what we did as children. Later, we will use words to help clarify the meaning for our conscious mind.

This process has two steps. First, as you think about a particular situation at work or the job, notice what you are feeling. Choose a color to represent that feeling. You will see right away that there is no right or wrong here. Fill in a portion of your paper with that color creating any shape or symbol you would like or, if you want, draw a picture of the situation. Do whatever seems right to you. Secondly, writing with your dominant hand, ask a question of that color or symbol just as if it had a message for you. For example, you might ask “what are you trying to tell me”? Then switch your pen to your non-dominant hand and write an answer. It will look like a little kid is writing, but it is an amazingly powerful way to access your own intuitive information. Continue to ask and answer questions, switching hands back and forth, until things are more clear.

As you begin to know yourself better you can uncover the fears and access information that will release the flow of your creative energy. It is ready to move through you bringing with it satisfaction, joy and enthusiasm for living a more abundant life.

Debbie Briggs, M.S., is a healing artist. She has been trained in traditional and non-traditional healing practices and has a private practice in Huntington Beach. For additional information about individual sessions, tapes or her ongoing seminar, “Awaken Your Intuition Through Art Journaling”, please call (714) 841-3494 or send e-mail to

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