“Ignite Your Intuition”
Secrets for Maximizing Your Prosperity Potential
as Revealed by Craig Karges
By Maryel McKinley-Udiljak, C.C.D.C., C.A.T.S.

Forget about Austin Powers and his “mojo”. Move over baby, there is a new international mystery man on the scene who has far more charisma, charm and class. Craig Karges, the talented intuitive/extraordinist has decided to reveal his secrets to the public! Those of us who have seen him on Jay Leno and other numerous television programs bending spoons, levitating tables, and exercising mind-baffling powers of Psi, have been patiently waiting for the release of his new book “Ignite Your Intuition” (H.C.I. Publishing).

In an interview with Mr. Karges, he claimed his talents are not unique, and that all of us have intuitive and Psi abilities. In his new book, he teaches us with various exercises and examples to develop our existing powers of the mind, and to achieve our full prosperity potential by honing the innate “intuitive edge” within, which Craig says “can be a vital element in your personal and business life.”

During our interview, he explained that a person doesn’t even have to believe he has the ability; belief is not required. This book is by far the only book addressing the subject of developing intuition, which is comprehensible not only to the lay person, but also specifically to corporate types. An experiment was conducted and executed with a friend’s husband following directions from Craig’s book. After his first attempt our reluctant volunteer bent a spoon until it was unrecognizable. This proved to us that even a skeptic engineer and nonbeliever in the extraordinary can achieve mind-boggling results in minutes using Craig Karges’ secrets.

Craig noted that left brainers often experience dramatic success on their first attempt because since they don’t believe, they don’t “try” as hard. Therefore, the trying does not get in the way. This theory coincides with research which has shown that the harder a person tries to use mind energy, the less successful they are because the free flowing of creativity and ideas are interrupted.

You may ask, “How does all this far-out telekinesis increase my prosperity potential? Do you expect me to take a spoon-bending act on the road in order to make a buck?” Hardly. As a matter of fact, the more we develop our intuition, whether it be psychometry, Psi, or basic memory improvement skills, all of which are outlined in the book, we increase our potential for maximum performance and clarity in decision-making skills. The right hunch or gut feeling will intervene, and when it is developed enough to override the rational part of the brain, we can actually be thinking with the right and left side at the same time, maximizing our ability to choose the right stock, or go with the right job, etc.

My personal favorite line out of the book was “You own a Rolls Royce, but you are driving a Buick!” When I asked him why he didn’t say Chevy, he said because a Buick is a fairly nice car and we are already fairly successful in life, but why settle for moderately successful when you can achieve your full potential? So take the Rolls out of the garage and go for a ride! But like any expensive high-performance or luxury car, we need to keep it finely tuned and well taken care of, and this is exactly what this book enables us to do with several simple and practical exercises for doing just that with our minds.

One of the subjects that was new to me was the use of pendulums for intuitive decision making, or merely to locate a lost object. Surprisingly enough, he describes a highly-successful New York stockbroker who uses the pendulum regularly to choose winning stocks, as well as other top executives such as Conrad Hilton who admit to implementing intuition to help run their vast empires. Craig attributes this to the “extraordinary super computer between our ears”, which he states never stops working, not even while asleep!

So, whether you want to freak out your guests at your next dinner party by actually levitating the table, or if you want to develop your innate powers of the mind to attract the love of your life, or move quickly up the corporate ladder while maximizing your prosperity potential, Craig Karges encourages you to “Ignite Your Intuition!” Remember, ignite the ignition of that Rolls Royce and keep it out of the garage.

Maryel McKinley-Udiljak, C.C.D.C., C.A.T.S., is a Certified Addictions Treatment Specialist, Co-founder of Yellowstone Women’s First Step House, and a syndicated columnist. She can be reached at (714) 396-4314.

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