Financial Advisors Share Truths
about Financial Freedom
By Kay Walburger



Why wait to be wealthy when you can be wealthy right now today? asks, Michael D. Coleman, Registered Investment Advisor. He has a background unique in the investment business.  He bought his first rental property and became a successful investor in the stock market while he was still a teenager. Then, as a professor he created enough assets and free time to take off every third year to travel abroad and study philosophy and psychology. He earned a doctorate in philosophy and became a founding professor of a nationally acclaimed college program.

Mid-Life Quest!
He loved his first 15 years of teaching and would have taught for free. Then without warning, over a three-year period, he lost interest.  A strange idea kept creeping into his mind “Why don’t you make more money?”  At first he rejected it, yet it persisted to pop up into his consciousness.  At last he decided to do just that. He taught a few outside classes to make new money and began to study more about good investments and special tax law and programs exclusive for teachers and professors.  He became so knowledgeable on investments that people started to ask his advice.  He then became an agent, acquired a full Security License and began accepting clients. Within three years he replaced his teaching income and resigned his professorship. Now, Michael was giving seminars and helping advise clients on Wealth Management.

“When I first started to think about being a millionaire, I discovered I had some issues that were important for me to explore. I had to develop wealth consciousness.  I had to declare myself capable of being a millionaire, but why? I felt being wealthier would make me happier. The big question was “What would I do differently to be happier?” As I thought, I realized there were a number of things I could do right now. I decided to be wealthy now!  I set an amount of money aside each month, which would not disrupt my budget.  If I saw something I really wanted, no matter how frivolous or over priced — I bought it!  This was an amazingly expanding experience for me.  I was practicing to be a millionaire! 

What has wealth created for you?  “Before my wealth consciousness, I was always holding onto everything because I was afraid of losing it or that there was never enough.  Now, I have greater creativity, generosity and responsibility. It is much easier to be generous because there is a flow to wealth. As I started to have more, it was easier to share.

My Secret to Being Wealthy Right Now
“Wealth means your income exceeds your desire. Cut the big expenses that give you pain and increase the small expenses that give you pleasure. Start with some good habits for being wealthy. Example: everyone should tithe to themselves 10%.   Save no matter what you earn! (Or whatever you can, even 2% — set up a retirement tax-sheltered fund.)  Habit is the most important thing. Wealth accumulation is always based on the regular habits of accumulation. People who are wealthy are always looking at unnecessary expenses and eliminating them.

The Key To True Wealth
Choose to be wealthy now by living beneath your income, make a habit of saving, tithe to yourself, tithe to your spiritual source, your favorite charities and your community (money, gifts, and selfless service). Enjoy small, affordable pleasures which make you feel happier and wealthier, and educate yourself to solid investments and tax strategies (that both build and preserve your wealth) and enjoy the whole process,  because people who have achieved the greatest success have had the most failures, yet learned from them valuable lessons money can’t buy!

Dr. Coleman has taught numerous courses and seminars on financial planning, strategies for success, and investments.  He is a sought- after speaker on both financial and self-development topics.  His offices are located in Santa Rosa and Huntington Beach, CA (714) 960-2316.


“Money is important and wonderful, but is second to the ‘Quality of Life’, says Zelda K. Benson, Certified Financial Planner and Senior Financial Advisor with American Express Financial Advisors, Inc. “People seek me out for special advice on how to arrange their financial matters and form strategies to assist them in accomplishing their life’s goals.” The first step Zelda takes with her clients is to help them clarify their heart’s desires, to achieve or have what is important to them. Then they establish goals that meet their personal values and address concerns about unforeseen events with default strategies. Zelda guides her clients to align their money matters to address: 1-cash flow, 2-net worth, 3-protection planning, 4-tax planning, 5-investment strategies, 6-retirement programs, 7-estate planning. “People experience an amazing peace of mind to know all their bases are covered,” reports Zelda.

“In the beginning of my relationship with a new client, I encourage them to share their core values, aspirations, and individual life purpose. For this we enter into what I call the ‘Heart Zone’. I am a very heart-driven person and have discovered we can achieve dramatic results when these thoughts, feelings, and dreams are identified and honored. Heart-centered goals seem to have more impact and success in an individual’s ability to live a quality lifestyle. Money is not the goal, rather the means to the goal.”

“People must make their own choices; I can crunch numbers and submit options, then give my best advice,” relates Zelda. I’ll coach them to be in integrity with themselves and their money. Sometimes we all tend to fool ourselves about money. Example: how much we actually spend, amount of our true cash flow, exact amount of net worth, real retirement options. These are like games with our truth as we may want to see it, rather than the way it is. When we make a conscious decision to get a clear view of where our mon- ey is going, we open a doorway to making wise choices. Heart-centered choices will make us more accountable to ourselves, because we have tapped into our own passions which give our life meaning and are a wonderful driving force. Most people report having a freeing feeling when they get into integrity with their money and adhere to a do-able plan. They notice it is extremely empowering and energizing.”

For more information, contact Zelda at (714) 970-1544.


“Is your money crisis an opportunity to learn how to adjust financial decisions leading to stabilization and comfort?” inquires Dr. Gordon. A number of years ago, ambitious and hard working, Dr. Gordon decided to be a more effective parent to his young son and daughter. He began in earnest to study financial planning, so he could rearrange his life in a way that would enable him to be at home more often to nurture them.

He established a home-based business offering professional services such as coaching individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations in financial and economic planning to secure their futures and improve their profits. He soon discovered that ‘monetary stress’ and ‘conflicts’ in the home and workplace were major contributors to all money problems. He now includes ‘monetary stress/conflict management’ in his seminars and keynote addresses.

Dr. Gordon has a successful track record helping people break through self-defeating barriers to enjoying unlimited success. They learn to turn conflict into agreement and replace stress with profit.

“Own your money, don’t let it own you”, proclaims Dr. Gordon. “Our relationship towards money represents our relationship towards most things in life. It is important to make a distinction between being rich and being wealthy. A rich person often sees money as the power in their life . . . while a wealthy person experiences a well-ness in all of life including money and spiritual blessings. Rich people often feel fear of lack, or not enough. Wealthy people come from feelings of abundance, which are created by laws of attraction and which attracts into our lives all good things.

“Remember the way you feel about your money becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

“Beware the drama triangle!” “The paradox of the drama triangle (a victim, a rescuer, a persecutor) is that we feel like a victim due to lack of money and we start to look for a rescuer. We stay stuck because the potential rescuer now becomes our persecutor, therefore we remain a victim. It turns out that our lack of money is not the real problem, rather it is our attitude and judgments about our lack of money, and ourselves. You are not what happened (losing money, etc.) You are to whom it happened. You can avoid more crises in your life by valuing (seeing the value in this lesson) and embracing the situation!” coaches Dr. Gordon.

He is a delightful and good-natured storyteller and tells stories of wit and wisdom from sages from the four corners of the world. This seems to help his students identify with the characters in the stories in a non-judgmental way that brings a chuckle and subtle transformation they seek from his seminars. One of his favorite quotes is from Maharaji’s book “I Am That” (page 6): “Between the banks of pain and pleasure, the river of life flows. It is only when the mind refuses to flow with life and gets stuck at the banks, that it becomes a problem. By flowing with life, I mean acceptance — letting come what comes and go what goes, desire not, fear not, observe the actual, as and when it happens, for you are not what happens, you are to whom it happens.”

For more information, contact Dr. Gordon at The Monetary Stress/Conflict Resolution Institute at (949) 733-0607 or (800) 303-7622. You may also check out his website at .

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