What Is It Really About?
By Marianne Keating


You are lying down, trusting with an open mind and heart but not knowing quite what to expect; a cone is set on fire by a practitioner.  A funnel of smoke starts to billow out of the small end of the cone and the cone is inserted into your ear canal.  You are about to experience the ancient art of ear coning.

Coning or ear candling, as it is sometimes referred to, has been used for centuries by many cultures for many different reasons. German medical schools taught ear coning to their students for ear aches. The Egyptians and Tibetan civilizations used cones as part of the initiation process into higher evolutionary levels of consciousness.  Fire has been used to strengthen and purify for centuries and smoke as a communication to Grandfather or the higher energies of the universe.

Many different kinds of ear cones are on the market.  They can be made of unbleached or bleached cotton muslin, linen, clay, glass and even newspaper. The fabric can be painted or dipped with wax, usually pure paraffin, bee’s wax or combinations of both, along with whole herbs, tinctures or oils. They can be made by hand in the ancient way or by machine, and range from six to fourteen inches long.

Coning is an ongoing gentle non-invasive process that encourages the body to cleanse itself of toxins.  Three conings, three to seven days apart are suggested and then as needed. Colloidal silver and mullien flower oil, garlic or olive oil are very good to help heal and cleanse the ears.

Our ears are incredible; they contain nerve endings and acupuncture points connected to every area of the body.  Nerve endings are connected by streams of subtle energy which carries our life force energy.  Ear coning acts as a catalyst to clear out debris accumulated on the nerve endings, which then allows for a clear vibrational flow to the corresponding areas of the mind, body and spirit.  The smoke, along with herbs or healing oils, travels gently and non-intrusively in the same manner that sound enters the ear canal and starts a tremulation effect on the entire system similar to dropping a stone in a pond of water.

The benefits of ear coning may include elimination of swimmer’s ear, itchy ear, tinnitus, and sharpening of mental functions. Improved focus and concentration, vision, hearing, smell, taste and  color perception may occur. Detoxification of lymph and sinus (great for sinus headaches and allergies) clients report an overall feeling of well-being, balance and clarity. This process may facilitate change and centering, allowing a natural flow of energy to circulate throughout the entire system. Rather than antibiotics for children’s earaches, coning is a natural alternative. Seniors and hyperactive children who have difficulty sleeping will benefit from the deep relaxed state resulting from coning. Practitioners of all kinds can use the coning process before any other healing modality as it will allow the client to be more receptive.

Ear coning is tailor-made for each client and their needs. It is the spiral shape of the smoke, herbs and oils,  the intent of the practitioner and of course the client’s desire to heal that does the healing work.  Like turning on a light switch, we do not question how it works, we just know it does.

Marianne Keating can be reached to answer questions, schedule an appointment, lecture, demonstrate or to purchase fifteen different ear cones, made with homeopathic aromatherapy healing oils and herbs at Earconegal@aol.com or call (888) 262-8731.

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