by Paul Heussenstamm.



This unique painting represents the hands of a group of men and women who got together in the mountains to explore and expand relations between men and women. During the workshop this painting came into being. It captures the energy of the always-changing relationship between men and women during modern times, and how it relates to our ancestors.
(Editor’s Note: Though Paul is actually a mandala painter, as I looked through an enormous selection of his incredible paintings, this one simply jumped out as “the cover” for our “Business/Prosperity” issue. It is obviously not a mandala, but I feel represents the hands of cooperation, of relationship, of teamwork, of understanding and compassion — hands of all colors, sizes and shapes joining together — how appropriate for this special issue.  Thank you Paul!) 


• DISCOVER your inner artist, the workshop is for everyone; you don’t have to be an artist to create your soul’s image.
• EXPLORE artistically the patterns of nature and your soul through the creative process. Awaken your intuitive right brain and support wholeness.
• EXPAND beyond limited beliefs about yourself to access your creative potential.
• EXPERIENCE a visual path through your heart to the soul.
• OPEN powerful techniques to access your soul’s sacred images.
• CREATE your personal Mandala as a symbol to live with, study and deepen your relationship with the soul.
• LISTEN to your soul’s voice and learn to hear the soul’s language.
• INTEGRATE the forces of your life and artistically create a sacred image of wholeness with the guidance of an experienced professional artist and teacher.
• RITUAL, join with others as we explore the creative process and bring the soul to life.

CALL FOR INFORMATION ON UPCOMING WORKSHOPS CALL PAUL HEUSSENSTAMM AT (949) 497-2708 or check out his website at www.mandalas.com  

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