By Julianna Joyce Perkins


Prosperity times four!
By Bijan

Author and seminar leader Bijan Anjomi has recently published his principals for abundant prosperity in four small, but mighty books. The unique thing is that Bijan takes his time-proven principals and presents them in easy-to-understand lessons with each book geared toward a specific age group!

As taught in his seminars, Bijan states that “Absolutely Effortless Prosperity” is a guide into the realm of Truth, where we are divinely provided with everything we need to be totally prosperous.  He tells us that if we are diligent in our commitment to each of the daily lessons, we will experience what it is to be effortlessly prosperous by the end of thirty days.

Bijan’s own life is an example and unique story in itself. He holds the Mr. Universe Natural Division Titles for 1993 and 1994. He is a clinical hypnotherapist and a researcher into religious and spiritual disciplines.  He attributes his own prosperity to a result of ‘prosperity consciousness’ and sharing with others. He was guided to hold study groups, then selected 50 people from these groups to participate in the first thirty-day seminar where everyone could share their miracles and results.

The books are not about doing things, since ‘doing’ is in the realm of effect and body. It is about ‘being’, which is in the realm of cause and mind where free will and choice are possible.  The two books for younger children are short stories that teach lessons while catching children’s interest through the captivating examples of relationship.  The book for teenagers is designed to get youth in touch with the great power within themselves.  The power shows them they always have choices and that they are never victims, strengthening them to see they have no need to turn to alcohol and drug use.

Published by Effortless Prosperity, Inc. To order call (800) 437-7750.


7 Skills for Workplace ReCreation
by Charlotte Shelton

Charlotte Shelton is a founding member of WiseWork, a virtual consulting organization that specializes in innovative organizational development products and services. 

In her book, “Quantum Leaps”, Charlotte uses a new quantum skill set that recognizes the highly complex, constantly changing, totally unpredictable nature of life.

The traditional, time-honored skills of planning, organizing, analyzing and controlling are not enough to meet the escalating challenges of our complex interconnected world. The skills espoused in “Quantum Leaps” integrate quantum mechanical principles, state-of-the-art psychology, and universal spiritual practices.  This is a whole-brain skill set which enables people to transcend the bounds of logical, linear, rational, left-brained thinking and become conscious co-creators of lives that work and workplaces that satisfy.

The skills are:
Quantum Seeing - the ability to see intentionally
Quantum Thinking - the ability to think paradoxically
Quantum Feeling - the ability to feel vitally alive
Quantum Knowing - the ability to know intuitively
Quantum Acting - the ability to act responsibly
Quantum Trusting - the ability to trust life’s process
Quantum Being - the ability to be in relationship

The Quantum Skills can act as a decoder for your hidden potential.  As you work with these skills you will begin to see more; therefore, you will be more.  As we each begin to re-create our lives, together we will re-create our organizations.

Published by Butterworth Heine-mann, this book is available at your local bookstore.


A Practical Buddhist Approach to Inner Growth and Satisfaction on the Job
By Lewis Richmond

This book’s objective is to place you on a path of spiritual discovery about the work you do, and to offer practical ways to make that work more connected to your inner life.  Lewis Richmond, a Buddhist teach-er, workshop leader and software entrepreneur, combines traditional Buddhist teachings, illustrative anecdotes and practical business savvy to teach us that the best definition of success is finding joy in our work. This detailed approach to understanding our behavior, attitude, emotions, reactions and goals, lays a foundation to open us to a path of ‘finding the grasshopper’ in all situations, and discovering the spiritual opportunity it symbolizes.

Richmond states, “When we believe that the world makes us, that it determines what we can and cannot do, then we see ourselves as small and weak.  But when we understand that we make the world — individually and together — then we become formidable and strong.”  We control the marketplace to the extent that our inner values and character are stronger than the lure of advertisements and possessions.  If we truly want our system of commerce and the conditions of our employment to change, then the place to start is with ourselves. If an emphasis on spiritual values becomes sufficiently strong among a large enough group of people, the marketplace will begin to reflect that desire.  There are already some markets that are almost entirely the creation of such shifts in values, such as organic food and alternative healthcare.

Is it possible to imagine a world where we can expect to make more than a living, to find not just necessity in our work, but joy as well?  It is not our worldly desires that will set the grand agenda for our long-term future as a species, but our spiritual aspirations. 

The guidance and illustrations in “Work as a Spiritual Practice” provide a  rich and diverse offering of teaching, practical advice and inspiration.

Published by Broadway Books, this book is available at you local bookstore.


Understanding the Spirit and Value of Money in Your Life
By George Kinder

Money maturity helps resolve the troubling emotional conflicts around money that never seem to disappear.  For many, money represents anything but peace. Kinder leads us through seven developmental stages on a mature holistic relationship with our finances.

He demonstrates the tools to achieve a true sense of ease around dollars and cents, offering us the freedom that comes from letting go of old patterns and painful habits.

George Kinder has been a Buddhist teacher for ten years and a financial advisor for twenty-five years.  His financial strategies have appeared in the ‘New York Times, Newsweek, and The Wall Street Journal’. 

He states that we are born into innocence, where there is no concept of money. As we grow, we discover that it is necessary to make a living. Then comes the challenge of learning financial techniques such as savings, budgeting and investing.  Kinder helps us understand the emotions around such feelings as greed, envy and resentment. As we evolve, we learn of the energy needed to reach financial goals, the outward vision toward the health and welfare of the community, and reaching the goal of compassionate goodwill that allows us to use our money to perform acts of kindness without expecting anything in return.

Chapter by chapter, “The Seven Stages of Money Maturity” will guide you through the steps leading to money maturity, sowing the pattern by which each of us grows toward financial freedom.

Published by Delacorte Press, this book is available at local bookstores.

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