... Intuition Merges with Linear Thinking
By Belle Tuckerman


“Man cannot live by bread alone, but woman can conquer the world fueled only by a diet soda and a rice cake,” says Cathy Guisewite in her little Affirmations book. I love this affirmation because it reminds me of how much she-power there is in the business world. The best thing to emerge from the original Women’s Liberation Movement was the infiltration of executive she-power. Business today is a tough, perilous journey and it is easy to get beaten up along the way.  Any person, woman or man, who chooses to start up a business today must have courage, savvy, and a lot of research backing him or her up. When women entered the business world they blossomed.  We didn’t know we had so much talent and ability. We were led to believe that, since we were given the uterus, se were meant to stay at home; doing the cooking, cleaning and raising the kids. Mind you, this is an admirable career, and one that any woman can be proud to have.  And were we paid our just salary for the job (along with benefits, vacation, sick days, stock options and a retirement plan) we might have had more women choosing to stay home.  Were we treated as equals because we wielded the toilet brush instead of the key to the executive washroom, we might have regarded our positions with more value. But society told us to get off our duffs and get a job.

The 70’s changed everything; the economy, sexual values, family values, and out of that emerged the feminist.  More women earned single status in the 70’s than at any other time in the century. That was a good thing; not only for women but for their children and for the country as well. We became better role models for our children and brought a whole new kind of energy to the world of business.  Here’s how.

Mark Twain said, “Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is the lightning that does the work.”  This is something women know intuitively, and trusting our God-given gift of women’s intuition is a business tool bordering on the power of a nuclear weapon.  Intuition drives non-intuitive men crazy. “What is that?” they say with a bit of left-brain  logic.  If they don’t have it, they fear it.  Most men do business by tangible figures, statistical reports, historical trends and fiscal revenues. Women use the same data and then make a decision from their intuition. It’s more of a visionary approach.

One rule I live by is to never work in an office without windows because we all need to be visionaries. Intuition is a word that has been kicked around a lot in the last half of this century. In fact, so much so that we no longer know what it is. Men think it is mystical; women regard it as their friend. We wouldn’t know how to function without our intuition. We depend on it more than we realize.  Even women who poo poo it use it daily and don’t know it. The difference between intuition and thinking is that intuition is a right-brain function that comes from a gut-level feeling.  The right brain contains the cerebral cortex, the same area that responds to music, poetry, love making and enjoyment of food; sensual things. Close your eyes and glide your hand over velvet or silk and notice the physical response you get. That is the same physical stimulation that occurs when you get an intuitive hunch.  Thinking, on the other hand is a linear process that happens in the left side of the brain where logic and reason are born.  When you are more right brain-oriented, bodily sensations tell you how to respond because you have learned to listen to them and to trust them. When you are more left-brain oriented, you tend to ignore the bodily signals and go with the brain’s message. The best approach is learning how to integrate both sides of the brain and getting them to work together as partners in your best interest. Listen to the thunder but respect the lightening.

When women entered the work force they brought with them the best of both left- and right-brain processing. They added heart, a little homespun philosophy, and created a whole new intellect to the image of the business person. It softened the otherwise hard-core approach to business. It took the edge off the “black or white” issues and added some smooth grays to the matter.  With nearly 30 years of business experience under our belts we can now say we’ve melded in, blended male dominance with female persistence and together, made a great pie. Men got a little warmer, women got a little tougher.  But it is my prediction that the new century will bring, not only an acceptance that women have a place in the corporate world, but an allowance of the feminine mystique into the arena of male dominance. My point is that it matters not who wins or loses, but rather whose bottom line comes out in black.

Belle Tuckerman is a licensed and certified medical aesthetician, nationally certified massage therapist, author, educator, researcher on skin technology, public speaker and yoga aficionado. She can be reached at the Belavi Institute for Skin Rejuvenation, 1500 N. Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, CA 92651, or call (949) 376-7063. You can also check out her website at www.belavi.com


Using Your Intuitive Powers in Business
To survive the raging waters of each business day, entrepreneurs must have staying power. The formula for success contains no new revelations. You still need to practice the basics; self discipline, the courage to take risks, integrity and compassion. You know, all those things mom taught you. But here are suggestions that worked for some of the business world’s most successful people. See if you agree.
1.  A bad attitude shows like a run in your pantyhose.  Correct it immediately.  Take an attitude course if you have to, but don’t go to work with all that negativity. It will turn around and punch you right in the eye. It is the universe’s way of keeping you in line and not letting you make a fool of yourself.
2. Punctuality is about as important as the bottom line in your bank account. It is, in fact, one of the things a good bottom line depends on. If you are punctuality challenged, perhaps there is a fear of “being there.” Maybe your prosperity consciousness got in the way of your poverty attitude. Whatever resistance you may have with being on time, get it solved if you want to make things happen in your business.
3. It has been said, “Live With Passion!” Everyone’s business thrives on passion.  I also say, “Work With Passion!”  It is the heart and soul and energy that makes things go. When I am in the office, business just comes alive. It is as though my personal energy breathes life into the work day.  It draws customers to our door, it makes the phone ring and the cash register go clickety- clack. Not so when I’m gone.  That is because I created my business and it thrives on my nurturing qualities.
4. Know when an opportunity comes your way.  Keep your intuition alert to all ideas, offers and  suggestions. Intuition may be regarded as important as the facts. You generally get just one crack at a good thing. Pass it up because you were sleeping on the job and you may be the guy who said, “Computers will probably never become a personal-use item.”
5. Always conduct yourself in such a way that you become the pride and joy of: A. Your mom and dad B. Your nana and poppa C. Your high school English     teacher D. Your childhood  sweetheart    who can say she/he knew you when...
6. Here’s a test to tell if you are successful in your business . . . Are you enjoying peace, good health and a thriving love life?
7. Those who are successful all agree that the harder they work, the luckier they get.
8. Never let your mistakes immobilize you. Rather, regard them as part of your continuing education course. Learn the lesson and move on.
9. Don’t worry about making yourself look important. Make everyone around you important
10. Finally, remember that success must not only enrich your bank account but also your spirit.

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