Since returning from my incredible "dolphin experience" in the Bahamas, we have undergone major changes here at Awareness. A very bright and talented young lady, Jianda Johnson, has joined our staff bringing a new energy to the office. She has taken over as Advertising Account 
Executive and will also be contributing editorial material as time permits. Give her a call - you will enjoy talking with her.

A huge thank you to Carol Lozito, from San Diego, for her "Endangered Wildlife Art" featured on the cover of this issue. Carol is certainly doing her part to make us all more aware of those animals that remain on the endangered species list.

Although we offer a variety of great articles, please pay special attention to page 10 - "Citizens for Health Launches Campaign to Protect Consumer Access to Supplement Information". The comment period has been extended for 30 days. This is a critical issue and we encourage you to 
give this your immediate attention.

Our next issue (November/December) will again feature "Angels" and we encourage you to submit your angel articles and/or possible artwork for the cover. This is a very popular issue each year and one of my personal favorites.

If you haven't checked out our web pages, take a look. We are getting more than 1,000 hits every day from around the planet!

Remember . . . 
It all begins with Awareness
                            . . .magazine!

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