Trance-lating Information into Knowledge
By Susan K. Stevenson, DCH


September - back-to-school month. It brings back memories of what it's like to be immersed in learning, doesn't it.  Perhaps you're in school now yourself, have children in school, or simply remember all those thoughts and feelings associated with entering a new school year, along with all the anticipations and anxieties that are part of that experience.  For many, the worry and anxiety surrounding the learning process can be intense - or, more specifically, the concern about
remembering the information when it comes around to test time!

We don't start off like that as children, yet somehow over the years negative thoughts and feelings can build up.  If those feelings of insecurity about learning and recall are troubling you or someone you love, wouldn't it be wonderful to have some tools and techniques to burst through those barriers?

But just think about little kids for a moment.  Imagine an infant or toddler so totally fascinated with learning that nothing else is important. Everything is a learning experience to a child, isn't it? They are in a continual state of relaxed, focused, concentration (the definition of hypnosis, as well as meditation). Everything in their environment can become a toy and a tool  for learning.  Perhaps you have watched an infant explore the magic of her new-found feet.  She can spend hours just exploring the fascinations of movement, shape, distance, taste and touch.  Or a first grader watching and absorbing the intricate details of how an earthworm burrows into the soft, rich soil in the garden - reaching down and pulling that worm back up simply to watch it burrow once again - over and over and over.  Or, the curiosity of the third-grade scientist, as he studies and learns the social patterns in an ant farm!

Learning - we're learning all the time, every moment of every day, at every age.  We are learning machines!  Truly we are.  As long as we are alive, we are learning. Our brains are structured for learning, and science has proven that everything we have ever experienced is recorded in the vast storehouse of our unconscious mind. Have you ever fully considered that before?  And, you see, the human mind is capable of recalling virtually any information it desires to remember.  One of the key words in this process is DESIRE.

Some people believe they have difficulties learning when what they are really describing is a difficulty in recalling information upon demand. Everyone of normal intelligence is an excellent learner; and everyone can achieve better recall by acquiring a few helpful tools to help enhance the process.

Hypnosis (whether self-hypnosis or guided by a trained hypno-therapist) is one of those "power tools" you can add to your collection of already wonderful learning tools, not only to enhance the learning/recall aspects of your life, but also to expand your understanding of the vast amount of learning you have already absorbed throughout your life.

Millions have found that using self-hypnosis simply for relaxation and focus is highly valuable on its own.  It provides a deep state of rest and rejuvenation to your mind and body; in fact, 20 minutes
of self-hypnosis can be as restful as taking up to a 2-hour nap to refresh yourself.  Yet, you can use lighter levels of trance to create a maximum learning state in any situation - with your eyes wide open - listening, reading, or actively moving. Creating this expanded capability within yourself also  allows you to recall the information much more quickly and completely.

Music is also a powerful focus for relaxation and learning.  Books like "The Mozart Effect",  "Super Learning" and "Super Learning 2000" discuss at length the power of classical music as very soft background music for study - tests show that learning, comprehension, and recall are all enhanced.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be highly valuable in allowing the mind to release old, negative emotions and improper perceptions that may be creating blocks and limitations to learning and recall in the present;  it is a highly-effective process for stimulating the learning process, increasing motivation, establishing beneficial study habits, boosting confidence, reducing study and exam tension and accessing memory.

Enjoy learning, boost comprehension and amplify your recall by allowing your mind to work at its optimum levels.  If you already meditate or practice self-hypnosis, apply that focused state of relaxed concentration to your learning time.  If you haven't yet acquired these skills, you are encouraged to do so.  Begin now, begin today.  Open your ind to all of its possibilities.  Trance-late all the information you encounter into learning. And have a wonderful time while you're at it!

Susan Stevenson, DCH,  is a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy (ABH #7569) in private practice in Huntington Beach and offers private sessions for adults and children, as well as workshops and audio tapes on a variety of life enhancing  topics.  Call if you wish information on any programs. Dr. Susan can be reached at (714) 841-3494, (800) 797-2960, or by e-mail at StevensonS@aol.com

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