By Julianna Joyce Perkins



How to make your dreams come true.
By Dr. D. Richard Bellamy

How many of us live the lives we love?  If you're not, you will be after reading "12 SECRETS FOR MANIFESTING YOUR VISION, INSPIRATION, & PURPOSE".  This book goes beyond 'how-to' into a realm of peace.

My first indication that this book was a work of extreme value is when I saw the Foreword.  It Is written by Dottie Walters, a successful and dynamic businesswoman. What could Dr. Bellamy possibly have to offer to receive Dottie's attention and support.

I wasn't disappointed.  In fact, I kept losing my focus of 'reading to review' and started reading to learn!  Dr. Bellamy offers to teach us how to grow from reacting, to acting, and then to being. And isn't that the bottom line of what we all desire?  To simply be.  To have the freedom and ability to enjoy the beauty that abounds around us.  To let go of guilt and pain, and replace it with order and fulfillment.

The book is truly a work of intelligence and love.  You will see a methodical logic in Dr. Bellamy's teaching.  He quotes from several time-proven resources.  Then he goes on to bring those precepts to life.  The challenge of entering into a lifestyle of co-creating dreams and aspirations is an honorable one, based on truths and responsibility.  This  isn't a magical wave of a wand.  It takes determination and a commitment to self to bring about the best possible life through knowledge of purpose.

"Without a vision, the people perish." How many have lost their vision, or have never had one?  They drag themselves through each long and torturous day, one day blending into the next.  No hope, lost dreams, guilt and fear.  Well it doesn't have to be that way. A very proactive approach to being.  A journey you'll be glad to take.

Published by PHI Publishing, this book is available for $19.95 at your local bookstore.

A Reiki Journey Into Energy Medicine
By Janeanne Narrin

What a pleasure to find a book on Reiki that has the ability to bring healing, even by reading it!
Since I am familiar with the teachings of Reiki, my interest was piqued when our publisher, Darby Davis, called and told me about Janeanne.

My curiosity was more than sated by this well written, informative book. Janeanne shows integrity and responsibility in the manner in which she presents Reiki; a means of taping into our life's potential and making it a reality.

Many people are longing for a way to achieve personal growth and development.  In this book, the concept of Reiki is outlined, and a plan guiding a 21-day process is included to help you grasp an awareness that will bring you closer to the path you were meant to walk.

Reiki is not a religion.  However it is spiritual in that you learn how to expand your abilities and discover a deeper meaning of who you are. There are inspiring examples of how Reiki has affected the lives of those practicing this technique, and the receives of this gift.

The information on finding a credible practitioner or teacher will help seekers know up front what will be involved personally and financially.

The guidance is balanced with poetic and literary writings which leave you with a sense of peace. The author's background is in industrial psychology.  The thought of bringing these concepts into the work environment not only would affect individual lives, but would also affect society as a whole!

Published by Little White Buffalo Publishing Cottage, this book is available for $18.95 at your local bookstore.


By Patty Summers

This little book is like 'doggie treats for the soul'!  Anyone who loves animals and animal stories will enjoy the stories Patty has to tell.

Patty really does talk to animals.  What's amazing is that they talk back.  And she lets us know how to open up to having the same experiences.

Once you've read her stories, you will have a deeper understanding of these delightful co-habitators of this planet who have been so ignored as beings in the past.  With people like Patty as one of their advocates that is about to change.

Her experiences allow us to see the deep feelings, pains and joys that all creatures share.  And, like Native Americans have known all along, these creatures can bring meaning and lessons to us if we just open up to receive what they have to offer.

If you have a special friend you'd like to cheer up, or enjoy having short little stories to savor a few at a time, then TALKING WITH THE ANIMALS will cheer your soul!

Published by Hampton Roads Publishing Company, this book is available
for $12.95 at your local bookstore.


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