By Christine Maggiore


Questions and comments from those who challenge the HIV/AIDS hypothesis are thoughtfully addressed by Christine Maggiore of HEAL, LA's leading purveyor of "dangerous information".  Send tough questions, angry tirades, or fan mail to HEAL at 11684 Ventura Boulevard, Q & A Dept. #338, Studio City, CA 91604 , fax to (818) 780-7093 or e mail through HEAL's website .

Dear Christine,
I know you tested positive.  Do you still monitor your CD4 counts or test for viral load?  I heard you had a baby recently.  Did you take any measures to reduce chances of transmission?  Do you breast feed?  Has your baby been tested?
                                                                            Considering Motherhood

Dear Considering
In 1992 I tested indeterminate, positive, indeterminate, positive, negative and positive.   A year later, I accidentally discovered scientific, epidemiological and medical information that challenged everything I had been taught to believe about HIV and AIDS.   After a thorough investigation of these facts, I abandoned my volunteer speaker position at APLA, left the board of Women at Risk, and quit fearing HIV.  Since then I've had one antibody test to satisfy my midwife, and two viral loads when Abbott was running their $10 blue plate special. Results:  Positive on the antibody test, and detected on viral load, which then decreased three-fold, dropping from 330,000 to 980 even though the only cocktail I ever had was Ocean Spray Cranapple.

Now I see only alternative health practitioners like doctors of Homeopathy and Naturopathic
Medicine, and measure my health through more meaningful diagnostics than non-specific antibody tests that can't detect current infection, or viral load tests that pick up non-infectious RNA or DNA scraps.  I also judge my health by practical personal evidence, a lot of which I obtained from the experience of being pregnant.

As someone who has been positive for at least six years, pregnancy-which suppresses immune
function-should have done me in, or at the very least caused some annoying complications.
Instead, mine was utterly flawless.  I had none of what are typical problems for "normal" women.  While my pregnant HIV negative friends endured everything from anemia to chronic yeast infections, dizziness, nausea, swelling, skin problems, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and even toxoplasmosis, my nine months were blissfully uneventful.  I was also able, unlike most of them, to deliver naturally (no drugs or other medical intervention) and came through without even a single stretch mark. 

Our son has been exceptionally strong and healthy since his arrival. After reading my book (What If Everything You Thought You Knew About AIDS Was Wrong?), his pediatrician joined HEAL's advisory board.  My wonderful boyfriend Robin and I agree that we will not subject young Charles to a faulty, non-specific, non-standardized HIV test that could cause him to be labeled as ill when in fact he is not.

About transmission through breast feeding, I find no evidence in the medical literature of infectious HIV virus having ever been isolated from breast milk.   Scraps of RNA or DNA yes, but just as pieces of fender and dashboard do not an automobile make, these scraps do not equal viable virus.

FYI, breast milk is widely acknowledged to provide the best source of nutrition and immunity.
The World Health Organization recently announced that if more new mothers would breast
feed‹even for just three months-infant mortality rates worldwide would decrease dramatically as breast milk contains antibodies that offer protection from disease. (Hmmm, HIV antibodies, which differ in no way from other protective antibodies, are used to tell us we can expect disease...)

If you're considering motherhood, please read the first two chapters of Reclaiming Our Health by John Robbins and Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper for illuminating information on the health advantages, for both you and your child, of non-hospital births.   Mothering Magazine is also an excellent resource.  For absolutely vital facts on AZT and pregnancy, please check out back issues of Reappraising AIDS. And check out website .  I wish you well!

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