Celebrate National Link-up Day

By Kay Walburger

W omen from Women of Vision and Action in 50 cities across the U.S.A. will be gathering to celebrate the first anniversary of National linkup Data September 21, 1996.

WOVA is a kaleidoscope of women who integrate their personal visions and actions to answer the urgent need for profound and positive social change. The first step is to envision our community meeting as its potential which honors each member's value and contribution. The second and hardest step is to "keep that vision" for all including those who fear, doubt or are apathetic. The third step is to work together to bring "it" into being in quality, quantity and variety.

Orange County women from Women of Vision & Action are delightfully energetic and enthusiastic and will be presenting projects in an exciting showcase on Linkup Day '96. The intention is to be a creative catalyst for breakthrough in social systems that need a positive direction in neighborhoods, communities, and ripple effect to the ends of the earth.

WOVA area coordinators Penny McManigal and Pamela Novillo are keeping the vision for this unique organization as it goes through its amazing cycles of growth.

In 1994, 500 women gathered together in Georgetown for "Women of Vision, Leadership for the 21st Century Conference." Pam and Penny were present for this momentous occasion, and like everyone else attending this event, were energized by the creative flow of positive energy as a diverse, multicultural group of women began connecting and networking together. Each shared their visions, dreams, achievements for positive and respectful social changes in communities everywhere.

The co-chairs Rama Vernon (President, Center for International Dialog) and Barbara Marx Hubbard (President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution) were amazed as they joined other speakers who shared their dreams and reported achievements for a more peaceful and productive community locally and globally.

The group was to meet again in the year 2000, however the women insisted on staying connected. This has resulted in an ever expanding WOVA organization of local, regional and national, and someday, global gatherings of women keeping the vision of realistic peace and prosperity for all. "They'll think globally and act locally."

"I see women today (age 40 or more) as the most potent force for change on earth!" proclaims Barbara Marx Hubbard, Internationally renowned futurist. "The older generation is now the newest generation because they have 30 years or more to live and be productive that we didn't have last century. There is 'no social model' as yet - however I believe that Women of Vision & Action is collectively creating a wise, attractive and viable "archetype" for these transformative women."

"Twenty-first Century women are shifting biologically from self reproduction to self evolution, from procreation to co-creation. The crying needs of the people, the communities and environment of our world call out for evolved humans to collaborate on new social systems, new interventions and to develop our world's new potential. Women are ideal leaders and can serve catalytic roles in the third millennium. Women have an inner knowing (intuition) and a willingness to give without worrying about who gets all the credit. As each woman becomes aware of her own life's purpose and how to take it into the world, she seek out networks like WOVA for support and opportunity.

Moreover, women's energy is rising from spiritually motivated visions and a call to action. They bring their unique gifts in love, originality and creativity to find or create breakthroughs where society is in breakdown!

Quantum leaps are possible with the synergy created by this national/ international women's network. Micro to macro is accomplished because the matrix includes small vision and action groups of six or so people, intermediate to global participation through national and international women's conferences. The Internet is the newest tool which makes possible qualities yet to be tapped!

World Wide Web, via the Internet, will be one showcase exhibit as members and guests bring their successful stories to place in the "Peace Room" through computer linkup with Barbara Marx Hubbard's website - she will then send these inspiring stories to all the people of the world with Internet access (a growing reality everywhere).

Other showcases will feature the twelve major areas of concern as charted on the wheel of transform [see chart]. The purpose of this is to create mapping parties to see "what is working" and put more energy and effort into existing projects or to create new projects using success models as a place to start.

For the latest news and upcoming events, call the WOVA Hotline at (714) 740- 8766.

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