by Ken Vegotsky


You're fired! You're bankrupt! What do you do? Panic? Call for help? That's one possibility. But why not look for a new boss? Someone who is going to be there 100% of the time. Someone who believes in you. Someone who will kick you where you need to be kicked! Get the idea? Hire yourself!

During my recovery from a parasailing accident I had in August 1982, l started making the greatest strides once I took responsibility for my well-being into my own hands. Then I began to feel in control of my life and my pain. The medical profession changed from being the master of my destiny to centers of information guiding my well-being. I drew upon their expertise and began to make my own decisions as to what would work best for me.

However problems still do arise when people realize you've accepted full responsibility for what happens to you. I remember the nurses being upset when I decided I would allow them to take blood only once a day. It did not seem logical to me or my new found boss to let them needlessly cause me pain when a little bit of coordination of their efforts, mixed with a dash of compassion, could enable them to do routine blood work from blood taken at one time. Once I made my wants clearly known, I was accommodated. Once a day it was, and once a day it stayed!

One day on our way to Stephanie's regular dental checkup, she commented, "Daddy, I like Ron. He fixes my teeth and takes care of them for me. "

I was inclined to agree with her assessment of the situation, but this time I remembered my rule. When it comes to your well-being, hire yourself! With this in mind, I came up with a two pronged approach.

STEP ONE: 1 told Stephanie that for her next visit to the dentist, she had a budget of $10 toward cleaning her teeth. I explained that if she did not need to have her teeth cleaned because she had done a good job brushing and taking care of them between visits, she could buy a toy with the money.

STEP TWO: I explained to the dentist my game plan. His role was to show Stephanie during that visit what her teeth looked like. His hygienist took the plaque that had been scraped off and l showed it to her. They explained that brushing, flossing and rinsing would keep her teeth clean. Eating good things such as fruits and vegetables would help her build stronger teeth.

When I paid the bill, I let Stephanie know how much it cost and showed her with lots of $1 bills. I reminded her that next time she would have $10 and it was up to her if she spent it on the dentist or a toy.

Guess what? The next time the dentist did not have to clean very many of her teeth and he charged a reduced amount. Stephanie bought herself a doll. She had hired herself at the age of seven. Empowering children to be their own bosses is a great way to help them grow as people. Children start out empowered, but our society fosters the need for adults to control children. Relinquishing control and opting for the tool of guidance is a healthier choice for all concerned.

Take every occasion you can to practice hiring yourself and helping others to hire themselves. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Use the three golden rules of learning: practice doing, practice doing and practice doing! It works!

Here is a practical exercise to help you, help yourself: This key to the ultimate power, like all the others, can unlock many doors for you. Try this exercise in hiring yourself: The next time you want to watch television, decide what kind of program you would like to see before you turn the tube on. Take a moment to consider what programs meet your expectations. Then choose one. It is as easy as that to consciously make choices that benefit you the most.

Hire Yourself!
Positive self-talk is a very powerful tool. Repeat these affirmations frequently to yourself throughout the day:
"I am my own best friend. I hired myself."
"I am making conscious choices in my life each and every moment."
"I am loved and love myself."

The writer is the author of THE ULTIMATE POWER: How to Unlock Your Mind-Body-Soul Potential (ISBN 1-886508-15-1), S14.95, available in bookstores across the USA. Readers may also order the book directly by calling (800) 263- 1991. This article is excerpted from The Ultimate Power with permission of AGES Publications.(tm)

Ken Vegotsky is also a professional speaker on self-empowerment. Member of the National Speaker's Association, Tempe, AZ. His subjects show people how to "Make Love with Life!' (TM) on topics such as "Holistic Self- Empowerment". He can be be reached through AGES Publications, 8391 Beverly Blvd., #323-HY, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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