Spiritual Medium

By Robert Ross


One of the benefits of getting older is you get to attend more funerals. Of course, this isn't really a benefit unless you like cold cuts and getting together with people you haven't seen for awhile. I happen to like both. And then there are the bagpipes, which have the uncanny ability to move my spirit in ways that are difficult to describe. Funerals . . . bagpipes . . . and the ever present box of Kleenex. We do our best to bid farewell. And we do our best to bring closure to this often times, painful event.

Funerals also call into question some of our fundamental beliefs about life, death, religion and what awaits us at the end of our journey here on planet earth. Which leads me to the subject of this column - James Van Praagh.

James Van Praagh works for the phone company. In fact he's a CEO. This particular phone company runs lines from the alive to the departed. At this point, some of you are probably saying "giveeee me a break"! Others will be asking if they can get a discount using MCI or Sprint! You see, like funerals, the whole question of what happens after we die brings to the forefront the most fundamental of our spiritual beliefs. In fact, the foundation of most religions is an attempt to answer that very question "what happens after we die?" Many religions describe death as a transition. A transition to . . . pick a religion and you will have an answer.

"Mediums" claim to provide a bridge between the alive and the departed. And, as far as mediums go, James Van Praagh is on the cutting edge. Not only has he been a regular on NBC'S "The Other Side", but he's also appeared on Paranormal Borderline, The Maury Povich show, The George and Alana show and Unsolved Mysteries. And of course, he has a new book coming out entitled "Talking to Heaven". James Van Praagh is in demand. With a two year waiting list for individual consultations, he's even had to discontinue private appointments just to manage his commitments. But, not to worry . . . he can be seen on the lecture circuit, T.V. or conducting workshops.

If you're like me, and curious about everything in life, and even more curious about everything in the "afterlife" you might want to attend one of Mr. Van Praagh's upcoming events. He'll be featured on the "Voyage of Enlightenment," a four day spiritual cruise from Los Angeles to Mexico, beginning July 25. Call Ron Oyer at 1-800 424-3434 ext. 277 for details. Oh, if you do attend one of Mr. Van Praagh's events, do bring Kleenex. Mr. Van Praag has a gift. That gift is to move people in a way that often times results in tears. Tears that help alleviate some of the pain of losing a loved one.

For further information on upcoming events contact Mr. Van Praagh at 213-464-8382, ext. 847. ADDRESS: 7985 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 109-135, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Copyright 1996 by Robert Ross, all rights reserved

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