Tijuana Clinics
By Sally Wolper
Reviewed by  Robert Ross


Movie buffs well remember the announcement that Steve McQueen had fallen ill with cancer. He was young and energetic, with so much to offer to the world. In those days, as it is now, when a public figure announces that they are suffering from cancer, there's a feeling that it's just a matter of time before you hear that he or she is no longer with us.

In desparation, Steve McQueen headed for an alternative health clinic in Mexico. For awhile, it appeared that perhaps Mr. McQueen was going to beat the deadly disease and go on, to again make movies. But then came the news, "Mr. Mcqueen was no longer with us." End of story? For most, yes, but Sally Wolper, author of Tijuana Clinics, tells the rest of the story . . . what really happened to Steve Mcqueen.

The main focus of "Tijuana Clinics, Alternative Therapies", is the dozen or so alternative health clinics in Tijuana area. Ms. Wolper describes, not only the clinics themselves (physical layout, staff, etc), but also the types of therapies used. She includes photos of the clinics with addresses and phone numbers. The book also describes what the alternative therapies are, and how they are used.

"Tijuana Clinics" is a compilation of material and analysis done by Ms. Wolper over a twenty- three year period. If you have any interest in what goes on, medically, south of the border, or perhaps know someone who is suffering from a degenerative disease, Tijuana Clinics is a must have book.

Tijuana Clinics (ISBN: 1-887314-03-2) is published by Promotion Publishing. It's available at your local bookstore, or by calling 1-800-231-1776.

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