By Kay Walburger


"Dr. Livingston, I presume!"
Sheffra Williams had a profoundly exciting, joyful and productive effect on my life before I even knew her name! Once I was informed of her name, my quest was to seek her out and thank her with all my heart for the pure essence of joy that had been returned to my life because of her work! It is now my exquisite pleasure to tell you this story.

A few years ago I took a workshop with Pat Olnick, called "Celebrate Yourself." In this process, we trudged through "The Jungle of My Life" using a short autobiography of my early childhood as our map. Pat used charts and graphs and decoders to help me decipher the map's hidden treasures. We came at last to My Lost City of Gold where lived a Golden Child. The Golden Child was my core beingness and finding this wise, wondrous and exuberant child delighted my heart, soul and mind so much that the joy of living and loving was returned to me once and for all!

Pat told me she had studied and learned this process from a woman named Sheffra. I never forgot that name and I decided to someday look her up and thank her for this magnificent gift to humankind. Unfortunately, Pat died quite suddenly soon thereafter. All l knew was the name Sheffra I didn't know if it was a first name or a last name, and had no clue where to begin, yet I trusted fate would help me find her in the Stanley & Livingston tradition. Sure enough, sometime later, I was talking to one of my dearest friends and she mentioned studying with Sheffra. At last I had the missing information and in the course of time I met her.

What a magnificent woman Sheffra turned out to be. She radiates positive energy and speaks with a melodious voice you could listen to all day. She exudes gentleness and powerfulness at the same time. she loves to laugh and tell stories (even on herself) with such honesty that your emotions are touched openly.

Sheffra is a woman born to ponder. She enjoys thinking and visioning possibilities and she delights in helping others discover or rediscover their true passions, abilities and talents. She then coaches them on how to effectively package and market themselves for a richly rewarding career.

"The happenstance that became the turning point in my own life," reports Sheffra, "happened in 1979 while l was working for the City of Long Beach, following my father's script to work for government. I was sent to hear a motivational lecture for city employees by Jim Rohn. I was very skeptical and cynical and didn't even want to take notes.

Then, my epiphany occurred! I heard that you could make a living at what turned you on, and suddenly it all came together for me. I realized I could connect my emotional feelings with my skills in the marketplace! It was such a 'religious experience' for me I wanted to quit my job and go to work for Jim Rohn telling this magnificent story that set me free from career drudgery!"

Sheffra was advised against such a rash decision, but it was too late. "The Freedom Bug" had bitten her and she soon burned her bridges behind her and went to work marketing these programs to corporations and enlivening work forces all over the country.

Some people took these programs and didn't follow through or do the work that others would. Why? Sheffra began to look more closely at what she was doing, wanting to discover people's hidden motivations. She asked clients to write autobiographies and made a stunning discovery.

Each one contained two parts. The childhood was filled full of vivaciousness and creativity and the adult part often revealed a person not realizing the potential or enthusiasm they showed as a child. She created ways to analyze and chart these childhood bios, looking for recurring themes or patterns. This revealed qualities the client possessed as a child, such as creativity, persuasiveness, organization and their distinct abilities to perform and analyze.

Clients were shocked as they recalled details to see how much they had forgotten about what made them truly happy as a child and would continue to make them feel happier as adults. Sheffra says, "We now have the emotional basis for who you are at your core, and we can use that to come up with a plan to get you into an environment that maximizes your qualities

The Employment Jungle Out There
Downsizing of American Corporations has created an employment jungle out there with may over qualified people chasing all too few employment opportunities. Some longtime employees are even expected to requalify for their own job. Other talented people are turning to first time entrepreneur endeavors. Corporations are eager to help laid off employees find gainful employment.

Sheffra Williams finds herself in a growth industry at the time many are stagnant. Sheffra's dream is to help as Many people as possible connect with their right livelihood and freely enjoy all the pleasures of a richly rewarding career opportunity.

For this reason she researched and sught a soundly structured firm in which to place herself to optimize her own talents. ProACTIVE Institutes of Costa Mesa, CA, is her new homebase.

Her associate, P. Anthony Burnham, Esq., president of the institute, is excited about Sheffra's participation as this leaner job market has created many more than usual opportunities to help men and women in transition. They offer career development processes and training for "the purpose of helping the proactive company make an ally out of change and empower its people to fully engage in the process."

This training program teaches clients how to identify transferable skills, abilities and strengths, then determine specific results and think like an entrepreneur by packaging a quantitative resume. These proactive clients are then ready to market themselves to the open market, resell themselves during work related reviews of reporting sessions, or create a new opportunity for themselves with results driven confidence.

Thanks, Sheffra, for mirroring all the possibilities of being true to our authentic self! This is the key that releases the Golden Child into an Adult With A Golden Future.

Sheffra Williams is a dynamic keynote speaker, author (Flying with Two Wings: Finding and Living Your Passion, 1988), and entrepreneur who has inspired over 200,000 people to take the action needed to empower their lives through her keynote addresses, workshops, tapes, radio show, video, conferences and seminars.

For more information about Shefrra Williams' work, her book, tapes, keynote addresses and programs, call (714) 635-6175. For information about ProACTIVE lnstitute, call: (714) 979-2288 or write to: 3151 Airway Avenue, Suite J1, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, or you can visit them on the web at. .

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