By Mary Jo Harman


It's funny how life is sometimes. The coincidences that can happen in a person's day are remarkable, if one is either focused enough to notice, or lucky enough to stumble across them. Every day at work several colleagues in the office congregate in the dining room to eat lunch and share conversation. Today we just happened to be sharing stories of good and bad fortune, when one personal account shared by my colleague Michael Sui stuck in my mind as an almost unbelievable act on his part. His unselfishness in today's world appeared to me to be a true random act of kindness. Let me share this story from Michael's perspective.

I was on my way to a friend's house when I realized I needed some cash because we were going out later. I pulled into the drive through ATM at a local bank where I got in line behind a man in a white Mercedes. After what felt like an eternity, the man began to pull away so I moved my car ahead to the machine window. I looked at the screen of the teleprompter and it read, "Would you like to make another transaction?" The man had left his ATM card in the machine! Not only that, but his secret code had already been entered.

Of course all sorts of images began popping into my head. Imagine what I could buy with all that cash. And would a guy in a Mercedes really miss a few hundred dollars. Once the irrational side of me calmed down, though, the rational side began to speak up. I began to wonder what I would want a person to do if the situation were reversed. Plus, imagine all the bad karma that would result if I took his money.

The solution then became clear. The Mercedes had not yet pulled out so I gave him a little honk. At first he waved his arms and blew me off. I honked again and he finally pulled back and got out of his car. The man was thrilled to get his ATM card back. Actually, I think you could call it embarrassment and shock. As he walked away he didn't even say Thank you.

With the memory of this story particularly fresh on my mind, this evening relaxing at a coffee shop, I came across Paul Goebel's contribution to the Random Acts of Kindness column in Awareness Magazine. And as a result, I decided to submit Michael's story as my own personal account of a random act of kindness

Editor's Note: Was this truly a random act of kindness by Michael, or was it motivated by his strong belief karma? Or was it simply the right thing to do? Thank you Mary Jo, for sharing this with us, and thanks to Michael for his integrity.

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