As we go to press with the Sept/Oct issue, the Republican convention has concluded, while the Democratic convention is just beginning. There is much excitement in the air, as we listen to emotional speeches from Jim and Sarah Brady who are responsible for the Brady Bill on control of hand guns, and from Christopher Reeve, encouraging our leaders to commit substantial funds for research to find cures for so many devastating illnesses that are tearing apart American families.

Then, of course, are the many promises, some we've heard before . . . we will cut taxes, eliminate the IRS, continue welfare reform, provide more jobs, better education for our children . . .and so on.

Whatever your belief, I do hope each and every one of you will study the real issues and get out to vote in November. The right vote is one each of us must cherish, and a responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

Great News! Mother Teresa, who has been fighting for her life, after another heart attack and severe malaria, has turned 86 and is now recovering in a Calcutta hospital. Her work is obviously not done yet.

Vegetarian bus diver, Bruce Anderson from Orange County, was recently fired for refusing to hand out hamburger coupons on his bus. Supposedly fired for insubordination, with representation from Gloria Alred, his protest has been vindicated by a U.S. equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It takes courage to stand by our beliefs, especially when a job may be at stake, and we wish Bruce the best of luck as he interviews for another bus driving position in the Oakland area.

The theme of our Nov/Dec "Holiday" issue will again be Angels. If you have CD's tapes, books, or articles on angels, please submit them for possible use in this issue. Deadline for all editorial is September 25. Ad deadline is October 1.

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