LOVE IS . . .
By Shonda LeJeune
I have read lots of books about love. Sometimes I like love. Sometimes love doesn't feel so good. Most of the stuff in this book I already know. But it is good to read. I read it to my cousin who is three. It was good for her.

She got into trouble after I read to her and had a time out. When she came back in, she gave everyone dirty looks. My mom reminded her of the book I read. She showed Ashleigh a picture of a kid with a dirty look in the book. She told Ashleigh that the book said it's OK to be mad. She said it was OK to let your face have mean looks. But she said we loved her anyway. She said she knew Ashleigh loved us even though she was mad. l think Ashleigh liked the attention.

Anyway the book talks about all this and I know kids would like it. I think it would be good fo r young kids who haven't heard about this stuff.

P.S. by Grandma Sandy - This book was, indeed, something that both children responded to. It was interesting how my daughter was able to use this to help reinforce the dynamics of feelings. The children saw it in action which gave the book more meaning. Expression of feelings shouldn't threaten love. Being disciplined should be an act of love. LOVE IS . . . explores hurt feelings, difficult situations and forgiveness.

Children will benefit. Better yet, the book may help the parent reading it to understand this, too!

Published by DeVorss Publications, this book is available by calling (800) 331-4719.

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