By Sandy Gostel Perkins


By Michael Colin Macpherson
I continue to be in awe of Michael 's books. His novels are intricate tapestries that propel me on from page to page. "HOMECOMING" is the second book in the series that began with the book "REMEMBERING." I became so involved with the characters and their situations that I read "HOMECOMING" in its entirety the day it arrived. Those who haven't first read "REMEMBERING" will still be able to pick up the story. But I would hate to see you miss out on the book that started it all.

The enchanted valley in Mount Shasta has to exist. Too many of us have a longing in our hearts for that community lifestyle in harmony with nature and all of creation. The other dimensions Michael speaks of gives expression to our longings for a place without crisis and chaos. A place of tranquility and connection.

Before the movie Independence Day came out, Michael had already written the books which have a dark alien encounter with the world. However, Michael's is more frightening in the fact that it sounds more feasible and real. The aliens of this book utilize age old methods to draw unsuspecting, tired and hopeless people into a false sense of safety and belonging. That is the terror of it - it could so easily happen.

Media reports on strange phenomena and government coverups are becoming more prevalent. Does Michael have knowledge that he shares through his novels? I wonder!

Published by Green Duck Press, this book is available at your local bookstore, or by writing to: P. O. Box 651, Mount Shasta, CA or calling (916) 926-6261.


Delight Comes Into Our Lives
By Mark Victor Hansen and Barbara Nichols
Mark victor is the co-author of the famous CHICKEN SOUP books. Now he has teamed up with Barbara Nichols and created a book of stories that are more than sweet and funny. The stories of "OUT OF THE BLUE" are anecdotes of people who have had turning points in their lives, when their souls took a giant step forward, and their lives shifted into high gear. They became aware of something strong and powerful that helped them realize their lives are worth- while.

Hansen explains, "These experiences we call 'everyday epiphanies' are fascinating glimpses of delight. Suddenly we have a glimmer of divinity that reaches our hearts and touches our souls and we are filled with joy, knowledge and peace. Our hearts and minds expand to encompass a greater reality and a larger understanding. Such experiences were once thought to be the exclusive province of saints and mystics, but the path of delight is here; it has always been here, waiting for you."

A wealth of well-known people share their experiences of life-changing moments. Mark gives us his 16 ways to Ignite Delight and invites us to "ignite" when the mood strikes. Barbara runs a workshop on "Out of the Blue," teaching how to develop your capacity for intuition, creativity and delight.

Published by Harper Collins, this book is available at your local book-store.


Discovering the Cycle Inside
Your Life and the Personal
Adventure of Change
By Marianna Porter
Can astrology be considered a science? Before reading "EARTH GAME," I would have said this is very questionable. After reading this book, I knew I needed to meet the author and have a long discussion.

Marianna Porter, in the mind of many, has brought astrology to a new level. A level where any intelligent mind would have to take notice. Her research has broken ground in this field, allowing astrology to serve as a primary means for understanding the relationship of human development.

"We have come a long way. In our lifetime we have realized how these conditions develop, how stored pain turns to anger and depression, and the terms for talking about the psychological process have entered the lexicon of everyday language. Recognizing how pain affects our self image and how our behavior has emerged from the exclusive province of professionals and entered the understanding of common people. When I first discovered this process, I began to see it as the road beyond psychology."

To quote Marianna, "Some very big thinkers were to some degree astrologers. They were people who studied the night sky like Ptolemy, Galileo, Kepler and Newton . . . these people were first-class thinkers, and it would not be wise to dismiss astrology as coming from an ignorance which could only flourish in a more gullible period of history. Astrology was not on the frontier of knowledge in their time. What puts it on the frontier of our time is change itself, the destabilizing influence it has, and our ability to search time with computers. All this is simultaneous with the transformation of our planet and ourselves. Change is making us all seekers of a new equilibrium, and that is a function of coming to terms with time."

Marianna uses the term "natural time" in place of the term astrology. "This is not astrology as we usually think of it. We have outgrown chart readings and there is a huge body of knowledge waiting for us about how time works that takes the concepts developed over thousands of years to a level appropriate for thinking people who wish to be in charge of their own lives. Time has characteristics, and we should know what they are.

When I visited with Marianna, I saw time lines where she had shown dates and their significance to different countries. Next to these she had newspaper clippings of world events that matched the exact dates she had calculated on her computer.

She had asked me to bring a sheet of dates and significant events of mine. When I arrived she had already prepared a computer time line for my dates. The dates she had noted of significance not only lined up with the dates I had written, but the type of event was also noted.

What is the significance to me of this process? I have foreknowledge of my pattern alignment which I know will prove valuable to me in my relationships and decisions.

One of the things I really respected is the fee structure of seeing Marianna for private consultation. She spends several hours on the computer and talking with you (in person or by phone) for only $75. This fee included any future questions or help you might need. Her book is a great advantage after having seen her because it helps you continue to understand your own timeline patterns. She also updates her clients with a quarterly newsletter that l find very informative. Her main goal is the development of her research.

Marianna has left her position at UCLA to give full time to her pursuit. I wait with anticipation to see where this is leading! If you want to see astrology taken to the 21st century, then I would strongly recommend "THE EARTH GAME."

Published by Clary Press, you may order this book by writing to P.O. Box 480702, Los Angeles, CA 90048-9302 or calling (213) 937-6722


A Midlife Escape
Across America by Bicycle
By David Lamb
David Lamb, an eight-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, has reached midlife. How has he dealt with it? In a way that should inspire us all.
Mid-life meets Middle America by bike!

Our fast-paced lifestyles have put us out of touch with America and its people. No leisure drives through the countryside, windows open to catch the earthy fragrance. No stops for apple cider and priceless conversation with unique and interesting strangers. Some would have us believe that those are days long gone. They're wrong. And David Lamb proves it.

At age 54 he packed a laptop computer and pedaled from his backyard in Virginia all the way to the coast of California.

He gives us vivid details of a world far removed from the clutter and pollution of the city. We are introduced to people, places, dreams and hopes.

David Lamb's skill as a first-rate reporter allows us to view his journey first hand. The intimate details and the very real feelings and experiences are vicariously shared. My knees ached along with his. I was out of breath pedaling up hill.

Best of all, I can now believe that Middle America is alive and well. I can also believe that it is possible to enter midlife with energy, determination, fun and growth.

Published by Times Books, this book is available at your local bookstore, or by calling (310) 582-8800.

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