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When Robert Ross was growing up, the men in the family were expected to do a couple things in life. One was to work and provide for their families. The other was to become successful in that endeavor. The women in the family had somewhat more leeway. They were in charge of all things tactile, verbal or emotional - food - feelings - communicating - invitations - thank you letters - manners - romance and love. Talk money or work . . . talk with Dad. Talk feelings . . . talk with Mon. Of course I've over simplified things a bit, but you get the picture. If there were any writing to be done in the house, it came from the female side.

Then came the sixties. Many stereotypes and cultural conditionings were challenged and dismantled. Men from the baby boomer generation began to express feelings and emotions and many women began to master the area of life called money, work and independence.

It was during the early seventies that Robert Ross, owner of "A Better Word" writing service developed a love for writing. It began with proposal writing. Social service programs were expanding due to President Johnson's "Great Society" legislation and special interest groups were demanding a share of tax revenues to support their causes. The money was there, one need only put together a decent proposal, and viol .

"A Better Word" writing service wrote its first proposal in the 1972. This was followed by articles, teaching manuals, and most recently, Homepage development. Today, articles, columns and Homepages written by "A Better Word" circulate the globe via the Internet.

When asked to describe the goal of "A Better Word" writing service, Mr. Ross stated "the written word can be a powerful vehicle which has the potential to affect people in a positive way. A Better Word's goal is to do exactly that - affect people in a positive way - using the written word."

Whether it's an article, book, grant proposal or Internet Homepage, "A Better Word" is there to help you accomplish your goals.

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