Your Future Self May Have Other Plans
By Lisa Cherney



Have you ever been frustrated when things don’t go as planned?  You plan, prepare, set goals and then you get something else? The popular business model is to plan ahead for years. We do five-year plans or we do business plans. We plan and plan and plan. We put so much effort into our plans that we feel like we have to stick with the plan. And, if we don’t plan, we feel like we should. Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t plan. All I’m saying is that we need to know it’s only a plan and that your Future Self has one of its own. Be open to seeing what you feel like doing when you get there.

Take this scenario for instance. We wake up one morning and don’t feel like starting the day. We need a break or a change in plans. However, our day-to-day plan is that we get up, shower, eat and go to work. Maybe we exercise. But there is a plan in our day. A plan set up by generations of “workers.”  

It’s like the calendar. Why do we take Saturday and Sunday off?  What if we want to go to the beach on Friday and work on Saturday? When we have our own businesses we get to create our own plans — the day-to-day plan and the long-term plan. We also get to go with what feels right (or avoid what feels wrong) whenever we want. Yes, I really mean, whenever we want.  Call the client and reschedule that meeting; they can wait one more day — really!

Watch For Signals
Procrastination ruled my life when I was a student. Years later, when I started my own business, I would be afraid that things wouldn’t get done. I would stress all weekend about something I had to do on Monday. “Because, you know, I used to procrastinate in college,” I’d say sarcastically to myself or someone else.

I know now that it was because I didn’t like the schoolwork. My procrastination was a signal that I was not doing what I loved. Now I am supposedly doing what I love, so why do I still procrastinate?

I have come to realize that the only time I put something off is if I don’t like (or have some other discomfort) with the task. I have an early warning system within me that tells me when I need to delegate a task (such as balancing my bank account), when I need to say “no,” or when I need to eliminate a service I’m offering. I have a plan, but I keep my ears (and heart) open to signs that something may need to change.

Dread is a Useful Tool
Have you ever felt dread when you are talking to a client and offering them a service you provide? A feeling of dread means you really don’t want to do that service or there is something about it that feels overwhelming. Dread is what led me to bring in a partner to deliver the marketing services portion of our business, Conscious Marketing. I liked having the website, brochure and public relations services, but didn’t like managing them. When I was finally willing to let this part of the business go, my overall revenue doubled! I had much more energy for the stuff I loved, and the opening of my spirit allowed me to receive more flow.  This feeling of dread is an extremely useful tool. I know now that it’s not just because “I’m a procrastinator,” irresponsible, or sloughing off. A feeling of dread means I need to change my plan.

Focus on What You Love
How do you label yourself or judge actions that could really be considered signals instead? Do you say, “I’m not good at sales,” or do you think, “I don’t really like sales, so I should hire someone to do that for me.” Honor your talent and passion. Know that someone else can do the other things. This includes focusing on products and services you love, instead of doing what you have always done — or what you think you “should” do.

Sometimes I meet an entrepreneur who has a list of services (or products they sell) that is a mile long. They may even have multiple businesses. I always ask, “Do you like all of these equally?”  They reply, “No, but I’ve been doing X for years,” or they will talk about all the training and education they did to learn X.  Creating a business life you love is an evolution. Hey, they say the only thing that is constant in life is change. So, go for it!

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Look at your list of products or services. If you had to eliminate half of them, which ones would go?  Now, visualize your business with this new focus. Does it feel more fun? Do you feel lighter? Are you more energized? The energy you save is returned to you tenfold. You will be more motivated to build that business, rather than continue to struggle with the one you have now, and the Universe will have clearer direction when it comes to supporting you. You can do the same with projects or even your clients. Imagine eliminating projects, services, or clients that you dread and see how you feel.

The bottom line is to plan and be open to making changes. Trust yourself. Recognize when you begin to lose excitement for your plan. When the thought of moving in another direction seems more fun... do it! When you are putting something off or feeling reluctant about a task, recognize that it may not be your passion. It doesn’t mean you’re not good at it and should try harder. It means, stop doing it or find someone else who has a passion for it.

Finally, look at your business and ask yourself if you are equally passionate about all the products and services you provide. Imagine the ideal scenario for you and begin to move toward it. After all, it just means that your Future Self has made other plans!

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive and Founder of Conscious MarketingTM. On Sept 25th she is leading a Conscious Marketing Workshop. This interactive experience will help you connect inside to find the perfect words for your marketing so you can create a business you love and income you deserve.

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© 2005 Lisa Cherney

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