Walk of Sacred Action
A Living Pilgrimage
By Dr. Barbara Fields



Action without consciousness is a formula for valueless societies. And consciousness without action is a missed opportunity to heal an ailing world.

The Association for Global New Thought once again calls upon a uniquely-qualified and highly-respected collegium of presenters to bring their wisdom and experience to the Awakened World 2005 conference at the beautiful La Quinta Resort in La Quinta California. This year’s theme: Walk of Sacred Action: A Living Pilgrimage, draws on our deep longing for a purpose-filled life and desire for positive action that supports the conscious evolution of humankind.

The goal of the Association for Global New Thought’s 2005 conference is to support you in your role as a spiritual leader in your community.

Ministers and congregants in our New Thought centers around the U.S. share a common inner mission. We are here to seam-lessly integrate our transcendent consciousness with our physical existence in the world. This year’s Awakened World conference will bring together international spiritual activists who have performed miracles in the face of needless suffering. They will share their stories of spirit-based action, explore the meaning of “life as a pilgrimage,” and guide you in taking concrete steps toward conscious activism as a recognized leader in your community.

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne and Sam-ya Charika Marasinghe — The Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka: World Change through Inner Transformation

Traveling from Sri Lanka is renowned Buddhist and political leader, Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne, founder and leader of the Sarvodaya Movement in Sri Lanka whose efforts have been tireless in rebuilding the country after the tsunami disaster. The 40-year-old Sarvodaya Shramadana movement has been an umbrella for the sustainable socio-economic and spiritual development of 10,000 Sri Lank-an villages. Ari will be joined by his daughter, stepping in line with Ari’s son to take over their father’s great work.

Pilgrimage of the Family of Abraham: AGNT & Harvard Global Negotiation Project

AGNT is partnering with William Ury, co-founder with President Jimmy Carter of the Global Negotiation Project at Harvard and author of “Getting to Yes,” and “The Third Side.” Religious leaders from the Third Synthesis Dialogues in Rome, 2004, are committed to making this healing initiative in the Middle East a reality in our time.

Other presenters: Jim Kenney, Global Director of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions from 1995-2002 on “Sea Change: Living in a Time of Cultural Evolution;” Levi Weiman-Kelman, Rabbis for Human Rights, Jerusalem, on “Justice, Spirituality, and Peacemaking;” A. Rashied Omar, Muslim imam, on The Role of Faith in Conflict Transformation in the Middle East

Phil Cousineau: Joseph Camp-bell Foundation — The Art of Pilgrimage: Transforming Our Inner Life By Walking Through the Outer World

For Millennia, pilgrimage has emphasized deep attention and devotion to the Divine presence in every moment. Over the last decade, the world has witnessed a resurgence in the ancient practice of pilgrimage, the spiritually transformative journey to a holy place. Come discuss the deeper implications of pilgrimage as a model and practice for turning everyday existence into a sacred journey.

Mrs. Ela Gandhi, South African Parliament: Nonviolence is Becoming A Reality

Granddaughter of Mahatma and close friend of President Nelson Mandela, Mrs. Gandhi fought 30 years in SA Parliament for nonviolence education and human rights for women and children. A tireless proponent of responsible media, anti-poverty, and youth, Mrs. Gandhi celebrates the 50th anniversary of her newspaper, Satyagraha, this year!

Marianne Williamson and the U.S. Department of Peace: Miracles at Home

Marianne Williamson, author and national leader for the U.S. Department of Peace, represents the critical necessity for grassroots activists to lead projects at home in the United States that will build spirit-led citizenship and create stronger communities among disenfranchised populations.

Marianne describes the initiative: “The Department of Peace will be dedicated to the research and articulation of non-violent solutions to domestic as well as international conflicts. The Department will not replace the military or Department of State; rather, it will augment them. It will represent a holistic approach to politics. This is not about alternative solutions; it is about com-plementary solutions.”

Dr. Jean Houston: Social Artistry and Life Purpose

We find ourselves in the midst of the most massive shift of perspective humankind has ever known. A new set of values — holistic, syncretic, relationship and process-oriented, organic and spiritual — is rising within us and around us.

Though the forces of entropy and fear seek to contain or regress us, we know there is no going back. Not only has the time come to step into our own social artistry and higher life purpose, but it comes just in time to serve a world in desperate need of our gifts. Come discover your place in the world scheme.

Our Spirituality Demonstrated: Creating Peace Through Spiritually-Based Action

Just as Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. began his civil rights movement in his church, New Thought ministers are beginning to encourage spiritually-motivated social activism in their congregations. Many of us, ministers and congregants, feel drawn by Spirit to make a contribution to the evolution of our world, but may feel overwhelmed by the scope, politics, and legalities of the task.

Dot Maver - Executive Director, The Peace Alliance; Lynn Mc-Mullen - National Campaign Coordinator, The Peace Alliance; Rev. Wendy Craig Purcell - Church of Today Unity, San Diego CA; Christine Elliot and John McNeill - Co-Coordinators, “Amer-icans For the Department of Peace, share their collective experience in creating pathways to global peace through spiritual activism.

The Awakened World conference offers a rich environment for spiritual grounding, rejuvenation, inspiration and fellowship. Join us in the desert as part of your personal pilgrimage towards peace and a spirit-filled life purpose.

Awakened World 2005: Walk of Sacred Action, A Living Pilgrimage will be held on October 3-7, 2005 at the La Quinta Resort in La Quinta, CA. For reservations, call our Registrar at (847) 587-9397 or e-mail: bfagnt@aol.com  

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