Emotional Abundance
By Audrey Hope



Emotional Abundance “If you do not understand how to balance your existing world, you cannot enter your next level of pure god light and love. This means that all the wasted emotions of anger, resentment and judgment must not be your reality for a moment.”
— Enoch

Think of the great ones.
They are still.
They say very little.
They think, then speak.
They are not emotional.

The ancient secrets of manifestation reveal the sacred truth that a power lies within, that one can access to create every aspect of their world. One — knowing they can — can sit in a chair and create a kingdom. We are alchemists and can change energy into matter, matter into energy, and our dreams into reality.

The ancient symbols of geometry, the language of light and perfection are the magic tools of creation. They activate our DNA and the secret codes within, to raise our frequency and vibration. When we are “in-light-end”, the chakras spin more energy into the spine, and raise our vibration to the divine god vibration.

ABUNDANCE IS A HIGH VIBRATION. We already carry the magic of 5th dimensional divine love. It has no opposite, no polarity, no contradiction. But, it takes the discipline of the gods to live there.
One must honor the silence, and fight off distractions of the noisy world. One must kill dark negative thoughts and emotions that drain the pure energy — moment to moment, and over and over again.
Manifestation is two steps.

First you clear, then you create.
In clearing the soul, you need to investigate your shadows, your blocks, your “Achilles Heel” — the wound that activates your deepest fear. The most dangerous portal opening is self-abandonment and fear. It needs to be sealed up to guard against negative entities that take you out of your power.

The next step is to create and live in positive mind, 80 percent of the time. Intend what you want. Leave out the “but’s”.
Think of yourself as having a power tube that runs through the center of your head to your heart.

Feel the light contained within it.
Check it every moment.
Does it lose electrons because of negative emotions and thought?
Watch it carefully.
Restore it constantly.
Keep it contained for yourself.
Don’t let others steal your energy.
Don’t give it away.
Keep your tube of light filled with all your electrons.


Audrey Hope is the spiritual counselor at Passages Rehab in Malibu, and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives.

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