Visionary Women Inspiring the World
By Randy Peyser



Every year, I help authors find agents and publishers at the largest annual tradeshow for the entire publishing industry in the U.S. Last year, one of my clients was a high-powered businesswoman who had a manuscript idea for building a values-based business. Pounding the pavement at the show, I found ten publishers and five agents who were interested in her project.

During our time together, we got to know one another on a much more personal level. One of the things she learned about me was that I “practice random acts of chutzpah,” meaning that I take creative risks and am willing to stretch myself in ways most people won’t. For example, I had stood on a corner off of a freeway in Northern California during rush hour. Wearing my best dress, heels, and sporting an impeccable, naturally curly perm, I held a large sign that read: “Author Seeks Publisher.” That night, a publisher offered me the job of Editor-in-Chief of his national magazine. I accepted.

Two weeks later, my client called to say that I was one of the people by whom she felt the most inspired. She invited me to tell my story, along with eleven other women, in a new book, “Visionary Women Inspiring the World.”

As I began to know these women, I discovered each of them was unstoppable in her own right. More importantly, each was not only committed to making her own dreams come true, but also to helping others reach their dreams as well.

Here are a few of the amazing women featured in “Visionary Women Inspiring The World” and a special message from each:

Kelly O’Neil is a marketing and business strategist, the creator of “Visionary Women Inspiring the World,” and founder of Uplevel Strategies. She is the recipient of numerous national awards, including the “Purple Cow Innovator Award,” issued by New York Times best-selling author, Seth Godin. This award acknowledges her as the founder of “One of America’s Most Innovative Companies.”

Kelly’s advice: When you know where you are heading, the choices you make will either lead you toward your vision or take you away from it. To clarify your vision, write a story stating how you would like to see yourself in the future. Write the story in the present tense, using the word, “I.” Use only positive statements.

Example - Kelly’s vision, 2004: It is January 2007. I am drinking a cup of cocoa as I wander out onto the deck in my robe. I am overlooking the lake in its stillness. My husband wraps his arms around me and gives me a warm kiss as he heads off to work. My business is very successful. I am earning over $500,000 per year as a consultant and coach. I lead seminars, have written two successful books, and am often looked to as a resource for business success and branding for service-based entrepreneurs. My clients have developed the courage and inspiration to do what they love and are successful. My life is filled with passion and I am living the life I teach.

Wendy Robbins was a kid who sold the squares of a chocolate bar for 5 cents each when the whole bar was a dime. She left home at 14, sold drugs, and ended up in Juvenile Hall for stealing. Fortunately, her 6th grade teacher intervened and she wound up attending Juilliard. Captivated by film, she directed documentaries for 13 years and won 2 Emmy’s.

Six years ago, she and Jorli McLain started  Inc. after developing “The Tingler” — ultimate head massager. With no experience, their credit cards maxed out, and after making every mistake ever known or not known, they made millions in less than two years.

Wendy’s advice: Thoughts are like magnets; they’re the great attracters, the great seducers, and the great enrollers. Every thought has consciousness and a desire to please. Think of them as genies — your wish is their command.

When you say “I am committed to becoming financially free,” think of an extremely loud voice saying, “AS YOU WISH!!!!” How cool is that? It is handled. Now, imagine saying, “I am not good with money. I am always broke.” Scream out loud: “AS YOU WISH!!!” Now you get to play the victim, and blame someone, judge someone, or point to circumstances. From now on, after every thought you think, say out loud: “As you wish,” because that is what you are creating.

Linda Hollander is the “Wealthy Bag Lady.” Buried in debt and unable to find a way out of the poverty trap, Linda became the industry leader for teaching entrepreneurial women to go from Bags to Riches. In 1988, Linda and a friend launched a business called, “The Bag Ladies,” in which they sold custom-printed shopping bags. Linda devised her own success formula, created a Women’s Small Business Expo, authored “Bags to Riches: 7 Success Secrets for Women in Business,” and now shows other women how to create successful enterprises.

Linda’s advice: What makes a woman successful? Is it talent? Intelligence? Actually, the mystical ingredient is determination. It is that certain spirit that compels you to stick it out when you are tired. Determination forces you to persevere and find the route around that stone wall. It is the immovable stubbornness that will not allow you to cave in when everyone encourages you to give up.

Success is 80% attitude and only 20% strategy. Don’t be afraid of failure. The failed experiments are no less valuable than the experiments that ultimately prove successful; you can often learn more from failure than from success. Successful people have big dreams. I challenge you to break through all of the false limitations you have placed on yourself and create your vivid vision.

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