The Playground
By Robin Duncan



What if you knew you came here just to have an experience?  You didn’t come to “get” anything or alter yourself. You were already loved, an essential part of the Infinite Whole, and just came for the fun of it. Once you entered “the playground” in the physical realm, you would be permitted to experience the full range of emotions; joy, pain, fear, laughter, compassion, anger and more. The guidelines of the playground would be quite simple:

1) You will have to forget who you really are in order to experience yourself as separate from the whole and from other playmates.
2) You will be permitted to decide or choose whatever you want while you are on the playground, without permanently altering yourself.
3) Whatever thoughts you have will create the experiences you will have, so be very careful about your thoughts.
4) No matter what . . . you will always be part of the whole and can ask for help at any time.
5) The game will be over when you remember who you really are.

Many of us are going through life trying to “get” something — love, money, relationships, validation, health, success, etc. It took several years of reaching for things outside of me before I realized there was nothing outside of me. The illusion of separation is not real.

I learned from A Course in Miracles that everything I saw with my eyes was the outward _expression of my inward consciousness. At first, this didn’t make sense to me. After all, how could I control or influence the random events and circumstances around me? Did my thoughts really have an effect on the world?  If this were true, then I obviously had a lot of work to do . . . or so I thought.

The ego has only one function. Its function is to make you think you are less than whole, separate from others and from your Creator. The ego is fulfilling its function whether you are judging yourself or someone else as less than whole. Either way, the idea of separation is being upheld.

Once I let go of feeling helpless and victimized by the world, I spent years judging myself for the pain and struggle I had created. The ego, once again, fulfilled its function as my judgmental thoughts about others turned into judgmental thoughts about myself. I didn’t realize at the time that this was a clever manipulation, created by my own mind to hold me in pain, guilt and separation.

It wasn’t until I had exhausted all my resources and struggled with money and barely having a home, that I began to see I was unknowingly punishing myself. You see . . . when we feel guilty about anything, our minds will create punishment. I had forgotten the rules of the playground. I had forgotten that I could not truly be altered by my mistakes and failures. I had forgotten that all I had to do was ask for help and then listen to the guidance I received.

And so I asked . . . and then I listened.

I was told abundance comes from us . . . not to us. I was reminded that we did not come here to get anything. If we try to get something here, we will surely experience the pain of the illusion. We must remember that we came equipped with everything. Whatever we need while we are here . . . would be provided as a natural result of who we are. If we feel cut off from our resources, then we have forgotten where our resources come from. When we try to get something here, it’s like reaching into a dry well and coming up with an empty bucket. We must look inward for our resources to experience the infinite well of abundance. Once we connect and remember this, we will see abundance everywhere.

There is nothing outside of us. The resources we seek are constantly available and lovingly provided. If we would like to experience having more than enough, then we must create experiences where “more than enough” is needed.

For instance . . . we all utilize about the same amount of oxygen each day to live. If I decide to be a marathon runner, then I will naturally consume more oxygen. I probably won’t lay awake at night wondering if I will have enough oxygen on the day of my marathon. I will peacefully assume there is more than enough oxygen for everyone. Oxygen is the same as money in terms of available resources. The only difference is . . . that many people do lay awake at night wondering if they will have enough. These doubting thoughts and fears then play into the experience of NOT having enough.

If you would like to experience more abundance in your own life, then simply remember that it comes naturally from you as part of the Infinite Whole. Ask for guidance about everything and look only for resources where they actually exist. Once you remember the simple rules of the playground, you can again enjoy playing and experiencing all that you desire without pain, lack or despair. If ever you become frightened, simply stop... remember... ask.... listen.... and act... upon the loving guidance you receive.

The greatest prayer is gratitude, because it reminds us that we already have everything. Once we remember this, we again experience the abundance of who we are in everything we see.

Robin D. Duncan is a Certified Instructor for The National Guild of Hypnotists and the Executive Director of The Miracle Center of California, a School for Certification in Hypnotherapy, and a Holistic Healing Center, offering private sessions and classes to the public, with a payment structure to fit any budget. She also offers a study group for A Course in Miracles on Wednesday evenings. Tel: (888) 773-9174. Also see

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