Debbie Barnett Is Named 2005
Consummate Platform Professional
By Kay Walburger



The Connie Contest, a speak-off, allows contestants a maximum of three minutes to demonstrate their skills and prove their ability to immediately connect with the audience, one of the most difficult presentations a speaker will ever give. The Greater Los Angles Chapter of the National Speakers Association, sponsors this annual event. It is critiqued in eight separate categories in front of a panel of professional judges including professional speech coaches, television talk-show hosts, Broadway acting coaches, and professional platform coaches.

Debbie Barnett, professional speaker, trainer, and certified yoga instructor won the professional speaking profession’s title of Consummate Platform Professional. The designation was awarded for Debbie’s superb presentation skills combined with the integral use of yoga poses during her message to the audience, on top of a table on the raised stage (to be seen by members of the audience). “I had flashbacks to my high school days in gymnastics on the balance beam. Her speech was titled a “Yoga Twist”

The sculptured-glass award called “The Connie,” named for Constance Dean Yambert, the dean of American public speaking coaches, was presented to Debbie, by Connie. This is with high regard from the 200-plus members of this association of professional speakers. Debbie says, “I competed for this award with much preparation and confidence using my yoga protocol with the intention of jump-starting my new career as a writer and a keynote speaker on an international stage!”

Debbie offers practical solutions to everyday problems.

“I know it is possible to have a balanced life AND be successful! Yes, it is! In what I call a Yoga Twist, yoga is the metaphor and visual example of a life that works. A sales approach that you are comfortable with. Ease and clarity in your communications with others. Using basic principles of yoga, Debbie offers practical solutions to everyday problems.

“My love of yoga began 25 years ago at age 16. I was a gymnast in high school and my favorite events were the balance beam and floor exercise. One day I came across a book about yoga and was so fascinated I started to practice. Today it would be called cross training and it did in fact improve my gymnastic performances. Yoga centered and focused my mind in harmony with my body, resulting in more fluidity in my movements, improving my strength moves, and relieving performance stress and anxiety.

“I have been involved with the fitness industry most of my life. For a while I was an aerobic instructor, a competitive kick boxer and weight trainer. I have the benefit of all that in my yoga practice. Yoga is an allover workout including aerobic and cardio. It relives stress of the physical body, mental anxiety and soothes the emotional and spiritual body, creating balance and harmony.

“In 2003 I contracted with Brian Tracy Programs as a Senior Sales Trainer and Field Sales Representative. Tracy is one of the world’s leading authorities on sales, and personal and business success. While presenting over 200 sales training workshops across the country that year, I gained a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities sales people face on a daily basis.”

Today Debbie Barnett is a dynamic and practical presenter and coach on the subjects of finding life balance, improving communication skills, and enhancing personal persuasiveness. Using her 25-year yoga practice as both a metaphor and example of how to live a balanced, successful life, you will walk away with a real sense of how the marriage of East and West can enhance your well-being, both personally and professionally. Balance, flexibility, and core strength are a few of the yoga principles Debbie incorporates into her impactful presentations and coaching sessions.

“WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU? Decreased healthcare costs by reducing stress, increased productivity and creativity, increased job satisfaction, improved communication, increased employee retention, improved sales efficiencies.”

Debbie now relies exclusively on yoga to maintain peak physical, emotional and mental performance, and this is the message she is demonstrating and modeling for her clients. My core values come from: the union (yoga) of body, mind and spirit, balance, authenticity, abundance, growth, integrity, creativity, adventure, courage, fun, deep listening!

For more information about Debbie’s work with individuals and organizations who want a unique path to success along with a balanced lifestyle, call (951) 316-9380, e-mail:  or visit her website:

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